Maddie Crump Whole Foods Heroes
added on Mar 10, 2021
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This is Maddie Crump. She is a tall blonde beauty from Southern California. Five feet ten inches, or 178cm, of radioactive dynamite. I don't know what that means, but it kinda sounds cool. We walked into one of the busiest Whole Foods in the country to grab a bite and some adventure. Maddie's Metallica crop top was barely street legal, but then she exhibited her micro-bikini and I realized that this nineteen year-old is a bona fide showboat. More Maddie to come.
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TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched : @Incognito Don't want to drag you into this. Would rather him direct everything at me. 13 days ago
Incognito : TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched I don't really want to get involved but yeah rockhopper is definetly not normal 13 days ago
Phorsythia : I’m usually not one who cares much for the crotch close-ups, but nos. 37 and 38! And then no. 39... yes! 16 days ago
Tantrum : I somehow feel the need to go shopping LOL Nice Shoot! 29 days ago
gg : This must be from pre-COVID times. No mask in sight... 29 days ago
Scott : oh yes more please! great set 29 days ago
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched : @rockhopper29 Is that truly the extent of your ability to insult me? 30 days ago
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rockhopper29 : Hey "snatched idiot", go fuck yourself. I've been with Zishy for over 7 years and you asshole are a weird ass prick. 30 days ago
hundreddollarman : Dynamite! about 1 month ago
Ison13 : Wow! We need more Maddie! about 1 month ago
mindblowing : Lovely underboob shoot! Great work. about 1 month ago
Zishy : WOW Maddie! You have a great bod and capture so much more with your beauty. Thank you for sharing! about 1 month ago
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched : @rockhopper29 You claim ownership of the women modeling here like property, you compare them to meat, and you are sexually aggressive towards them. about 1 month ago
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched : @rockhopper29 It's just misogynists like you I comment on. Your comebacks are uncreative and base. Quim never was and never will be appropriate to use and you keep using it. I just wanted to put that there so people know what it means. about 1 month ago
rockhopper29 : Mr dumbass "snatched" below, do you ever think to comment on the beautiful fine women we have on Zishy or are you just fixated on commenting on comments. You should get a dictionary and sit on it. about 1 month ago
Bobby Peru : Maddie in that Metallica shirt is a reason to live. WOW!!!!! about 1 month ago
Zigzaggywag : Oh my lord about 1 month ago
Tanuki : Sweet mother of mercy. about 1 month ago
fuctcunt : Any social media on her? about 1 month ago
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched : Quim is a vulgar slang term variously meaning “vagina,” “vulva,” “a woman as a sexual object,” or “a contemptible person.” While the term is mostly considered antiquated, it's still very offensive to refer to a person, especially a woman, using quim. about 1 month ago
rockhopper29 : Yes indeed, Maddie is beautiful, desirable and is definitely deserves the rating of prime grade A quim. Hope she returns soon so we can lust for her glorious assets.. about 1 month ago
winterpoet : Wow!!! She is a beauty and once again you've managed to increase your reputation for photographing amazing women! Thank you Zishy, looking forward to more of this model... about 1 month ago
rodell_64 : OMG she is effing amazing! about 1 month ago
slriggib : smoking it Babe about 1 month ago
moopieb72 : Cute! about 1 month ago
wwwyki : You and newcomers, Zish. It's a wonderful thing. Also, #12Large. about 1 month ago
Jajar : wow... simply one of the most beautiful women here... about 1 month ago
jackstraw : Shes the next big thing. Amazing. about 1 month ago
fre302 : Hey nineteen you are one heck of a woman. I always like that California background about 1 month ago
ChineseVirus : And you can still let your tits hang out under your blouse at Whole Foods, as long as your nose isn't hanging out over your mask. about 1 month ago
ChineseVirus : Banging body, perfect proportions, letting it all hang out. Totally wild. about 1 month ago
Ginno B. : Zach, what a catch! Maddie is absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more of her... about 1 month ago
Moose : Maddie is a beautiful, natural, sexy woman with a great smile. Love the store flashes. about 1 month ago
Ace : Sheesssh!!! Definitely need more Maddie about 1 month ago
r3vw!ll!e : I've tried that IPA and it's delicious about 1 month ago
Pussy Eater : U´ve got 2 send her to FTV Girl. please about 1 month ago
daverbee : Well damnit, now I'm in love with another Zishy girl! about 1 month ago
rower1 : I love how so many women on Zishy are curvy.Maddie certainly is an example of that. about 1 month ago
Ramrod : Beautiful!!!! about 1 month ago
Snakeplissken83 : Zach, bro, for fuck sake do more with her. I want 10 sets, at least. The most beautiful you've had on here. I see a LOT of potential to create something truly special with this Aphroditesque woman. about 1 month ago
c2G!GOg55##0XTGk : Is it in spite of my langirie fetish, I'm turned off by micro bakinis or is it because of my langirie fetish, I'm turned off by micro bakinis? about 1 month ago
ratboy : Amazing breasts especially the larger areolas! about 1 month ago
Giannisan : My God about 1 month ago
HellyHansen : I'd love to hear a shrink's opinion on Zach's fascination with beautiful women stuffing fast food into their mouths in the most unflattering way :-) about 1 month ago
sprudl : Wow, I hope there will be some more updates from her! She looks really great! about 1 month ago
Ibengood : Beautiful girl. Need to see a lot more of her in the future. about 1 month ago
Curly : Love seeing mid riff. Much better than Len. She steals my sunshine. about 1 month ago
Keb23b : great pair of knockers about 1 month ago
thePostman : The American dream… in love about 1 month ago
yishot : Holy shit about 1 month ago
pat2705 : What a debut! Nothing more to add. Looking forward to some more. about 1 month ago
Rickzilla : Sets like this make me renew my subscription. Next level shit. about 1 month ago
Subarucrazy : Thank you Maddy for letting us partake of your loveliness! Love the underboob shots Zack, well done. Titillating is so much more sexy. about 1 month ago
edgarallanpoe : Definitely a fan of everything she has going on. Very cute, very fun, very sensual. Can't wait to see more from Maddie. about 1 month ago
Sharp : I think the question here is...does she have an OnlyFans account?? about 1 month ago