Lolita Minh Pacific Florida
added on Jan 09, 2021
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Lolita Minh is great. No, my video camera didn't break. Sadly, my videographer decided to leave the job. He says the CIA has hired him to write, direct, and star in the next big documentary which exposes Russia for doping in Olympic competition. It is gonna make everyone really distrust Putin and his regime. After that, the CIA plans to have my former videographer make a movie about that journalist guy who was dismembered in the Saudi consulate. This is gonna throw a lot of muck at Trump, Saudi Arabia, and even Jeff Bezos somehow. Damn, my guy is going deep cover.
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slriggib : Her breasts are works of art and those shots of her face closeup art superb!!! 1 day ago
Johnny Tees : We need more Asians! 3 days ago
Moose : slriggib, well since you are much better than the majority of subscribers the rest of us will endeavor to make ourselves appreciate the finer, more tasteful things, like you do. 4 days ago
slriggib : This set of Lolita is awesome. Her radiance comes through in spite of the elementary pics and needless closeup crotch shots, but then again the majority of subscribers are probably salivating over those mostly. 5 days ago
asphaltcowboy : Wow, perfect breasts 6 days ago
benovan : She has some adorable titties. 7 days ago
phaedrus : Mmmm pretty feet! 7 days ago
Tittieman : She's cute. Still waiting on Rebel Tee update tho for months 7 days ago
happyboy : So cute and sexy 7 days ago
Hornytxn : I love her girl next door vibe. She has such pretty feet and yummy areolas!! More Asian babes please. 7 days ago
Jajar : Omg. I truly have died and gone to heaven. Simply one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. My heart literally stopped when she started to undress. That smile. Wow. 7 days ago
Tanuki : yes Yes YES! 7 days ago