Luna Fey None Of This Is Real
added on Nov 19, 2020
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"Hello, I'm quite disappointed. I know you created Zishy with the focus being on tease. The problem is what I see is the same I can see free in the internet. So, it is the first and the last time I will pay to Zishy. Kind regards, FC" Is there still something you can't see for free on the internet? That's news to me. Luna Fey is a free spirit who was looking for side gigs while she was in Texas working the Renaissance festival. She's cool. More to come.
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Dalton : I do not understand why those thatpose for your website do not show breast or cookie shots, it's as though they are too good to show us anything, even a nipple oops?!?! 2 months ago
moopieb72 : Cute. 3 months ago
bluemel : Very apt title for this set. 3 months ago
Gateway : I like her mouth shots. 3 months ago
fre302 : I'm very impressed with your work and the women here on this site. Luna is gorgeous ! 3 months ago
Phorsythia : JoeZ, if I saw no. 19 in real life, I’d be thinking about her for the rest of my life. But you’re right. Thank you, Luna, thank you Z. 3 months ago
Moose : Luna is fantastic. Hopefully we get back to flashing teasing, it seems the most recent sets are getting away from that sweet spot. 3 months ago
rockhopper29 : Once again my Texas girls produce the EVIDENCE of their unique attractiveness. No Faux news here, conspiracy bullshit, or lies, just honest factual truth about prime Grade A quimm. Rest my case. 3 months ago
JoeZ : If you saw #19 in real life the way she's looking at Zach you'd be thinking about it for a week. Zach shoots stuff you could conceivably see, but don't (unless you hung out at the gas pump 24/7). Zishy's great...and no stinky fumes. 3 months ago
JoeZ : She's spectacular. Good stuff as always. There's a certain "vibe" to Zishy because it's almost exclusively Zach's vision, perspective, etc. You either like it or don't. I think he makes everyday situations look amazing. 3 months ago
Lemongello : I pay because I love the content and I want to support the art. I love Zach's photography style and how each set tells a story. My favorite period was the 2014-2015 era, but there has been so much gold since then. 3 months ago
456456a : Luna is fantastic. More of Luna please! 3 months ago
DarthSync : Yes, you can see tits, ass and pu$$y for free on the internet. But you can't see the girls be themselves for free (unless you visit their FB page or something). That's what I like about Zishy. 3 months ago
bowfinger : See if this girl throws chicken bones on the floor, Zach. 3 months ago
bowfinger : Support the arts, its not free. 3 months ago
Hookemhorns19 : Zishy is one of the few things in life where I feel like I get more than I paid for. 3 months ago
Dragonfly : So beautiful. Really like to get to know her. 3 months ago
Sovereign : Hurray for Luna ! 3 months ago
jdog : Please tell me you have a 2nd set coming soon with her and that neg​li​gee. 3 months ago
HaMerooba : I haven't checked lately, but it used to be that a lot of the Zishy-type content on the net was ... pirated from Zishy. 3 months ago
TheDude : @Zach: we use to say, when it's free on internet this is because WE are the product! Glad to see more of Luna ;-) 3 months ago
Barton007 : Well, to me she is Amazing! I want more of her! 3 months ago
ZishFlips79 : There gonna be a vid of her? 3 months ago
Otis : #62 is like some fabulous 70s centerfold. 3 months ago
fatboyfudd : Her body is perfect for me 3 months ago
PatrynXX : Well yes the tongue will get one in the door :) 3 months ago
love beautiful curves : Ok, she has to be related to Miley Cyrus! 3 months ago
Mr nice guy : Screw FC...Zishy is definitely giving you your money's worth...Also Luna is stunning! 3 months ago