Alejandra Cobos To My Mothers Disappointment
added on Oct 23, 2020
Alejandra Cobos To My Mothers Disappointment - 1
I was recently asked again for advice on how to become, well, me. I could tell you what cameras to buy, what resources to read, and a host of other tedious steps that I have taken over the last two decades. But the truth is that these are not the hardest parts of the job. You must be prepared to disappoint your mother, your lovers, and basically anyone who has a textbook view of sexuality. You must swallow the shame that has been instilled into you by conservative culture. You must fiercely fight for your vision of what is beautiful and interesting. After all of that, maybe one day you will find yourself in front of a naked Alejandra Cobos. Will you be ready?
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DKX55 : This girl is a woman now, a full-on seductress. So comfortable in her skin. The sequence from #34 on - that look, those positions ..... 4 months ago
princefan79 : OMG--this woman and her oiled skin, a bed, a shower, a mattress, a towel--gotta pinch myself over here! 4 months ago
neil_greenwood : this is my favorite model in the world 4 months ago
fre302 : Great job!! She's a real find. So pretty and what a body!! 4 months ago
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hornycavemanman : Shes the best on the site number 1. 4 months ago
newmike : Omg, she is finally back! 4 months ago
PatrynXX : Some Christian Colleges allow it, as long as it stays in the Art world. Zishy is similar. As for gf or vice versa. Honesty is #1 4 months ago
fbfanatic : It took a while, but this latest set was worth the wait. Alejandra is so beautiful whether dressed or partially/totally nude. Please do a traditional strip tease for the next set. And don't wait so long to return. 4 months ago
happyboy : Perfect 10 !!!! 4 months ago
Sergio Berto : OMG!she is very great!i loved it! 4 months ago
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thePostman : This is heaven ? I can't believe... 4 months ago
Elcachorro : Finest. Hottest. Chick. Ever. Period. 4 months ago
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Wildman73 : I'm normally a pale areola man but OMG that arse id actually eat it out for hours 4 months ago
rockhopper29 : Pics 45,46 and 47 are pure photographic art. I tip my Stetson to you pal. She is obviously a true beauty and you did an excellent job of capturing that beauty. 4 months ago
Ison13 : Oh my indeed. Just wow. Alejandra you Goddess! <3 4 months ago
Nissandude : Oh my 4 months ago