Diana Sedova Bon Bon Aqua
added on Oct 13, 2020
Diana Sedova Bon Bon Aqua - 1
Mr Venice, you are beautiful human bean. Thank yu for all pretty girls. I am single man with nice house, top business and speedy car. I attach pix of male part. Verrry healthy as yu see. Please send me contact information of Diana Sedona. She s special model. Looks like fun person with big hearts. I can make wife. My first wife die. I want many childrens. Ms Diana will have happy romance life. Meny Blessings))) Ronak
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randomname : Wonderful. #83 is a masterpiece. If I were a painter... 1 day ago
LickingVickyVoss : thank you for returning 1 of my TOP FAVs - Diana and i see you invited her Deliciously Delectable Friend who i can't get enough of as well. thank thoroughly enjoying this set for eternity. 5 days ago
princefan79 : Ah--yu do matchmakes? How wonderful! Set me up plz! One of yr butiful womens! 5 days ago
JonathanLipnicki : Do that many people not realize the girl in the blue dress is Victoria Minina, who not only has several sets on Zishy, but has one where she's wearing that exact outfit? 9 days ago
renoguy78 : The main girl is stunning, just incredible. I hope you tried to get the drive-by girl in Pic 1 to do a shoot, and Diana's friend(?) in the dark blue dress should be given her own set posthaste. Top notch all around. 10 days ago
slriggib : Another thought about this amazingly beautiful body; if she chooses to go into porn, her screen name should be "Heaven". Then when she's being laid, it's title would be "Heaven's Gate". Yes I know, clever huh? 10 days ago
maxdelsmart : @bowfinger - I imagine you were kidding but to those who didn't realize that - she was on Metart. And the other girl (blue dress) was with Diana in an earlier Zishy update - and was also in Metart! 10 days ago
whynot112 : Lovely. Bring her back anytime! 10 days ago
Ison13 : Friggin Gorgeous! <3 10 days ago
PatrynXX : and then she tilts her head back :O ♥ 10 days ago
fatboyfudd : She's definitely a very beautiful woman. I'm not completely happy with the photos, but I'll keep that to myself. I think the real winner here is the amazing poet Ronak 10 days ago
Munk : lovely girl all around but prob the nicest breasts on the entire site, not to be too crude. 11 days ago
slriggib : There are women - in my opinion, that are so lovely, so beautiful, so perfectly built - that she should want for nothing, should be waited on by servants for her every needs big or small - Diana, is one of those women. 11 days ago
ChineseVirus : Super superb sexy. Top quality and exquisitely beautiful woman. One of the best so far. 11 days ago
bowfinger : She should be on Metart. 11 days ago
rockhopper29 : What a doll. Beautiful and so desirable. Yum. 11 days ago
jerrybob : sexyyy bring on more :P 11 days ago
fre302 : These 2 women are Gorgeous! 11 days ago
JoeZ : OMG 10+ to the 10th power...times 10. She's a knockout. 11 days ago
billmurraythebatman : Absolutely epic. She goes in my own personal Zishy hall of fame with Diedre Collins, Fawn Richfield, Ember Volland, and Moon Torrance. I hope to see Diana a zillion times more! 11 days ago
Mr nice guy : Ronak is hilarious! Oh, and she is also gorgeous... 11 days ago
FnkyMerkin : Mmmmmmah-mah... 11 days ago
nicolasmieu : Who is the sexy girl with dark blue dress ? 11 days ago
Hornytxn : This busty beauty is absolutely mesmerizing 11 days ago
Hornytxn : Who is the other hottie in the 1st pic!? 11 days ago
Nightshift : .....and god makes the most perfect breasts to add to the stunning angel. 11 days ago