Darya Nosenko Other Side of Russia
added on Oct 02, 2020
Darya Nosenko Other Side of Russia - 1
I have never been east of Moscow. So when Gene, a photographer in Khabarovsk, hit me up saying he could find models there, I jumped. Gene's regular style is more refined and posed, but he was also willing to try new things. He took Darya Nosenko out on the streets early in the morning and captured some daring nude images. Her delicate figure would wake up this American much better than a giant cup of coffee. Any other photographers out there in remote spots interested in contributing to Zishy? Africa? Oceana? The Middle East? Hit me up.
Darya Nosenko Other Side of Russia - 2
Darya Nosenko Other Side of Russia - 3
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Kathmandu : Bravo!! 2 months ago
moopieb72 : Sexy AF! 3 months ago
rodell_64 : O...M...G...! 3 months ago
offseasonallstar : HO-LY SHIT. 5 months ago
PatrynXX : One of the finds of the new decade or the past one. Has shades of Jenya here and there. :O 5 months ago
painted : Absolutely fantastic! 5 months ago
Wildman73 : damn Zack go east of moscow more - that left nipple pimples and areola is perfect 5 months ago
maestro9 : Outstanding! 5 months ago
j.c.chang : Wow! Nuff Said. 5 months ago
rockhopper29 : Ditto on all the positive comments below, great set, beautiful girl, wonderful nipples, just right. Prime Grade A quimm. thanks 5 months ago
slriggib : Absolutely Adorable! There are no words to rightly express the depth of lust Darya withdraws from my soul but take a long look at my favorites; 1-5, 10,14,19,33,47,50,51,58-66: yeah I know she's pretty impressive ... 5 months ago
rmontague : superb 5 months ago
Exoticgentleman : I am glad Zishy is providing us quality content for cheap. Check out this competition bralessforever dot com looks great but so expensive. 5 months ago
Tangerine63 : 5 stars, absolutely perfect 5 months ago
thePostman : From Russia with love.... fan-tas-tic ! 5 months ago
thelongsound : OMG. Please more. 5 months ago
456456a : Fantastic shoot. Darya is phenomenal. Gene - hope to see more of your work. 5 months ago
40sbg31 : Absolutely beautiful & sexy! NOT a fan of how obviously touched up some of the images are though... i subscribe to zishy for its raw beauty, not for photoshop perfection. 5 months ago
marceire : Darya looks so different in different shots, sign of a great model. Also amazing tits :D 5 months ago
sargie : Wow. Reminder that we need more girls with glasses. Very classy. Thanks Zach. 5 months ago
fre302 : A beautiful visual treat of a woman from far away Russia. Thanks Gene 5 months ago
billmurraythebatman : Super hot 5 months ago
FnkyMerkin : Incredibly Sexy ! And those frames ! Beautiful. 5 months ago
sad144 : Excellent work Gene and thank you for being a muse Darya. 5 months ago
smalldicksmatter : Excellent set. Never heard of this city before. Cool! 5 months ago
hubbahubba : Very sexy woman. Great set. 5 months ago
phaedrus : Her figure is fucking ridiculous. 5 months ago
Another day : Amazingly beautiful. A full study in shadows with her would go down a treat. 5 months ago
fatboyfudd : Incredibly beautiful 5 months ago
JoeZ : Fantastic set. #57 is super sexy. Nice work Gene. Hopefully you'll be shooting more for Zishy. 5 months ago