Rose Fessenden Lloyd Center Matinee
added on Sep 25, 2020
Rose Fessenden Lloyd Center Matinee - 1
Portland was fun, but I was there when breathing and law enforcement were still a thing. Here is Rose Fessenden teasing the socks off of me at the Lloyd Center, a struggling retail venue in Stumptown. I hope a few malls can survive the pandemic and the age of online shopping. There are way better babes at these places than on Amazon. Challenge your bias.
Rose Fessenden Lloyd Center Matinee - 2
Rose Fessenden Lloyd Center Matinee - 3
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Rose Fessenden Lloyd Center Matinee - 4
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Rose Fessenden Lloyd Center Matinee - 6
Rose Fessenden Lloyd Center Matinee - 7
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Rose Fessenden Lloyd Center Matinee - 8
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Weewee : What a confident girl, thats sexy. I wish more big girls would bare tall! perfect 10+ 2 days ago
fatboyfudd : @HotrodC2, Haha, my thoughts exactly ! Unfortunately the photog lacks any artistic skill any imagination. 3 months ago
HotrodC2 : Can we put a limit on the number of hand bra pics in a set? 3 months ago
pellic8ane : Very pretty. 3 months ago
daverbee : Ms. Rose, as a massage therapist, I would love to massage you. Also as a massage therapist but also a red blooded male I have to admit it would be extremely difficult for me to do so and not go way beyond the boundaries of ethical behavior. 5 months ago
OHswell : I rejoined for this set. I’d like to see more of her and more like her. I favor your inclusion of thicker girls and black and brown girls. 5 months ago
TrickSh0t : She’s phenomenal to work with. A real sweetheart. 5 months ago
silverdragonianp : thicc and beautiful... 5 months ago
Tantrum : She's amazing! Thick, full figured Women are the best ! 5 months ago
every_breath24 : pretty girl but the set was a nothing burger compared to the last one... 5 months ago
fre302 : She's pretty and a plus size woman that's sexy. She looks like she's having fun I like that. 5 months ago
carlosbailey1 : Hot chubby girl!!! 5 months ago
Bobby Peru : Absolute Dream Gurl! 5 months ago
winterpoet : I have waited a long time to see more of Rose Fessenden! She has a beautiful face and fantastic legs. Please take more photos!! 5 months ago
slriggib : Rose is definitely one of my favorite models of zishy, luv her beautiful young girlish face and voluptuous body. Those legs and her complexion are devine! 5 months ago
Samurai25 : Beautiful. 5 months ago
PatrynXX : Miss the malls and having an eat on a hot day and watch the ladies come in with short shorts :) Or at a state park on a 90 degree day. my there are kids around sheesh barely their bikini's :) 5 months ago
dipo : Really like this girl but the shots should give us more of her boobies, her Big Baby Stork set was already a good start. hope for more to see :) 5 months ago
ChineseVirus : All that softness makes me hard. 5 months ago
Talon : Well, this girl in question, aka Rose Juniper, her name on instagram, also has an account on patreon and OnlyFans, so like Dita Vetone, also in OnlyFans, she is not going to show anything interesting. Maybe they ask too much to be more explicit? 5 months ago
Hornytxn : Sexy curves, wish she would just show em! Lol 5 months ago
billmurraythebatman : ROSE RETURNS! As with the past two sets, I'm hyperventilating. Rose, you are a stone cold FOX. So awesome to see you again! You're just as sexy and gorgeous as ever. Great job, Zach! 5 months ago
HaMerooba : A little voluptuous, but the kind of girl who can be very sexy and a great companion if she has a fun personality. I'm totally serious about that, not joking. 5 months ago
Sovereign : Charming set! Hoping that we get to see more later ;) 5 months ago
fatboyfudd : WoW, beautiful girl, beautiful eyes, I only wish she would have shown those perfectly shaped tits. 5 months ago
Another day : Love the panty and upskirt shots. Awesome! 5 months ago