Two Girls One Swimsuit
added on Sep 01, 2020
Two Girls One Swimsuit - 1
Back to my wacky adventures in Latvia. If you will recall, one girl had to jet, so I was left on the beach with this duo. Lauma, the blonde, was the only one who had packed a proper bikini. She lent Oxana her white top, who had decided panties would fair just fine in the water. I felt really bad and didn't want to make anyone self-conscious, so I eventually asked them both to remove everything. I'm firm, but I'm fair. This was a great day with a great team. Adios, Summer.
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non3 : I love #6! That belly... about 1 month ago
Jack : The best ever! Thank you about 1 month ago
cybcar : SEXY LADIES, awesome video! about 1 month ago
seebee01 : These lovely ladies have such great chemistry together. Awesome set! about 1 month ago
JuanL29 : Big thumbs up for this one! about 1 month ago
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched : Is the individual from picture 99 going to be a future Zishy model? about 1 month ago
carlosbailey1 : Nothing more beauty than 2 20 years old girlies playing at the beach! about 1 month ago
randomname : Gorgeous. about 1 month ago
silverdragonianp : How long did they dig sand out of...regions? Did they require help? about 1 month ago
PatrynXX : Think Lauma Gela has a nice back. Oxana well the eyes have it. :O about 1 month ago
bowfinger : Oxana has the most beautiful eyes. about 1 month ago
inceptionperception : Those tanlines! about 1 month ago
happyboy : that was fun. wish i was there. about 1 month ago
Johnny : Lauma Gela is really pretty about 1 month ago
slriggib : Cute girls running on the beach naked? What's not to like? The two of them holding the banner is pretty cute too. about 1 month ago
Moose : Fantastic set. about 1 month ago
rockhopper29 : Cute set, just two babes having fun. about 1 month ago
billmurraythebatman : Absolutely epic. The two of you are GORGEOUS! One of the all-time greatest posts ever! Excellent job, Zach! about 1 month ago
pat2705 : Great set! I love outdoor sets. Lauma and Oxana are beautiful. about 1 month ago
johnsiv : Great set. about 1 month ago
Ginolova : wow super one love it about 1 month ago