Lizzy London Wood Works added on Aug 27, 2012

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Lizzy London is now a retired adult performer. Will she ever return to that profession? Some do when money is scarce. It's funny to think of how there is a section of the public that adores seeing these 'stars' have sex. They love it, can't get enough of it. They pay for it. They steal it. They create libraries of the videos and photos. And then of course redundant copies must be made. On the flip side, you have the haters. The people who point the finger and outcast these performers for sacrificing their bodies to pay the bills. It's a funny place, damned funny.
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Redheads rock!
btlsp2000 - over 1 year ago
Short but sweet set here. Should have been more with her standing up topless.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
Need a new set of this one.
ifd474 - over 3 years ago
i like her pics here much better than her porn. thanks.
axiom49 - over 4 years ago
Love this girl! :-)
AndyC - about 5 years ago
Super Hot red head. need more.
moopieb - about 5 years ago
I'm a Lizzy fan, have a lot of her work.. "redundant copies must be made" LOL now that's just well redundant! There back-ups damit
Datatrav - over 5 years ago