Ophelia Palantine Renaissance 2
added on Aug 09, 2020
Ophelia Palantine Renaissance 2 - 1
This adventure with Ophelia Palantine needed a part two. We were about to leave the Renaissance Hotel just as we discovered the empty banquet room. Alright, lets see what we can do with this. Ophelia was the perfect partner in crime. She was fearless. I hope the next time you find yourself in a venue like this you will think of Zishy. I also hope you have a fabulous day. Love, Zach.
Ophelia Palantine Renaissance 2 - 2
Ophelia Palantine Renaissance 2 - 3
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FnkyMerkin : Perfect music ! Stunning model . 16 days ago
blurryface : Girl power indeed about 1 month ago
rockhopper29 : No doubt she is aware of the lovely shape of that butt in her jeans and knows the correct doggy position to put it on display. Nice 2 months ago
hornycavemanman : wow shes back she is gorgeous 2 months ago
Breathless Oblivion : Pic 34 and 38 wow! Her ass is so delicious love all the ass teasing and flashing. 2 months ago
wyldeone : something about a sexy ass in jeans melts my brain 2 months ago
JoeZ : She would have been perfect near that 'knotty deck' sign. missed opportunity? or was it not shootable from that other room? You could even just flip the image horizontally so it reads right. btw, she's hot. 3 months ago
fre302 : Such a cute woman with a beautiful white creamy complexion. That snowwhite behind of her's looks so sexy with a simple tattoo girl power. 3 months ago
voyeur13 : She is exactly the type of woman that I subscribe to Zishy for: cute, girl-next-door type who's naughty and not afraid to show it. 3 months ago
room199 : Great to see Ophelia back again! Hoping for more... 3 months ago
benovan : She's amazing. What a sexy bush! And that ass is the stuff dreams are made of. 3 months ago
voyeur13 : 6 stars for that ass alone. So gorgeous! I hope we see more of her in the future. 3 months ago
jackstraw : She reminds of Kaylee from the series Firefly. Terribly pretty. 3 months ago
damsel : Wow, please more, please soon and please naked! 3 months ago
fatboyfudd : Wonderfully beautiful. thank you for getting her back so quickly. (I know its the same set.) 3 months ago
slriggib : Such a sweet, lovely, sexy woman. Her exotic looks and tender firm body is a perfect Zishy tease. Yum! ! ! 3 months ago
ChineseVirus : What a feast! 3 months ago
macdaddyaz : Shes soooooo hot!! I hope we get to see more of her!! 3 months ago