Dita Vetone Are U Lucky
added on Jun 25, 2020
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Well for sure Dita Vetone is one of the most gifted in the chest department for my site. I don't know why many men love large breasts, but it is just a fact of life. Fairness, yeah now there is a fantasy. Dita is mostly a shy and introverted person who probably has to deal with photographers, like me, constantly hounding her to be their muse. And what about all the men who are instantly drawn to her with sexual attention? It is no wonder why so many women build a defensive attitude towards men. Treat women with care and respect. Admiration does not need to be followed by possession. By the way, I added a dark mode that you can find in the menu bar.
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exciter : Subscribed because of her. She's an absolute goddess 5 days ago
CEHarris : Love her! GORGEOUS! 5 days ago
spacefrog37 : Nice 6 days ago
Minjanohawk : She is so god damn sexy. Easily my favorite model on Zishy 7 days ago
LeatherSoSoft : Seriously, praise dark mode 8 days ago
LeatherSoSoft : Thank you for dark mode. Thank you for Dita. 10 days ago
almorri2 : I agree with Diablo7, effing legendary. 11 days ago
mden15 : I came out of Zishy Retirement for this girl. She has my heart!!!! 11 days ago
Phorsythia : Love the dark mode, but love the beautiful Dita more. 12 days ago
happyboy : great set of pic's 12 days ago
Diablo7 : this whole set is absolutely legendary. 12 days ago
Bigbuddy : Show her naked tits... Fully. 12 days ago
Brengun : I think this is an instant Zishy classic. Dita you are beautiful! 12 days ago
thePostman : Yes "we" are lucky to discover this angel... Thanks 12 days ago
The Brain : Elle est tout simplement de toute beauté merci pour cette magnifique série 12 days ago
Wildman73 : yeah id love to milk those big mammaries and maybe cum on them lol 12 days ago
daverbee : She is beautiful in every way. 12 days ago
rockhopper29 : Good set Zack. As a matter of fact all of her sets have been good. The Vapor set is a good reminder of the beauty of those "sheltered in place" nipples. She is knockout and knows the value of her assets. 13 days ago
fre302 : Even though I like women with small breasts too,no doubt those breasts of her's can't be denied. She's got a nice body and face too. 13 days ago
JuanL29 : That's a 2-way street, Zac; well-endowed people of both sexes get more admiration from the opposite sex. Great to see Dita again, especially showing a bit more! 13 days ago
reign1080 : Treat women with care and respect? But I thought it was respectful to say "Hey Dita, why don't you show your uncovered breasts? I mean, they're beautiful so why don't you let my audience ogle them?" 13 days ago
Talon : Does anyone know if it is worth joining onlyfans? 13 days ago
Sovereign : My mind is blown away… <3 13 days ago
Hornytxn : Truly a perfect 10!! 13 days ago
MustangSavage : Why won't Dita show her uncovered breasts? She is a beautiful woman and should be proud of her body. Perhaps an artistic photoshoot as are done on ZISHY occasionally would be a great way to present herself tastefully. 13 days ago
boobdude : Beautiful figure if only she would show us more of it. One would think by now she would have overcome her earlier shyness! 13 days ago
bowfinger : As Dimebag Darrell used to say Zach, "Respect, walk". If a woman opens up to you she will, don't force the issue. Its best. 13 days ago
love beautiful Curves : How can a such a small frame cutie have wondeful, succulent, perfect breasts? Amazing nature, I'd love to see your momma or whoever u got it from. Ya left my mouth watering and in pain from a zipper burn! 13 days ago
Killbill : Great body and Nice tits.. Pff in love 13 days ago