Wendy Patton Zing Went Something
added on Jun 11, 2020
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From my vantage point, I see this as the last update of Wendy Patton. It has been a while since I have spoken with Wendy. The majority of these women disappear from my life shortly after I photograph them. There is no animosity, it's just the natural progression of things. I can't marry them all and I don't want to start a cult, for the time being, so we share these moments and go our separate ways. Fortunately, mine and Wendy's paths crossed a few times. Hope she stays fearless. Onward.
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whynot112 : Love those puffy nipples and that red hair!!! So very sexy. 7 days ago
cybcar : zishy you running out of Beautiful ginger girls, maybe Sexy WENDY will come back for an Anchor? 18 days ago
Lalle : Why goodbye????? 23 days ago
zeljko141 : very, very nice 23 days ago
Holst47 : If there's was ever a model that deserved to be contacted for another round of modeling, it's Wendy. Her and Sabrina Lynn were the reasons I signed up 23 days ago
silverdragonianp : Thanks for letting us say our goodbyes. Good to see her one last time. 23 days ago
Lalle : Van we pls get more of her!!!!!!! 25 days ago
cybcar : greatest video ever. Enjoy your life WENDY! thanks for being a part of mine. 25 days ago
Gateway : The shower pictures are fantastic. 26 days ago
LickingVickyVoss : P.T.Barunum said 15 Minutes of Fame;So said to see Wendy Leave.I only pray / hope she finds happiness & tranquility in her next stepping stones of life.A True Zishy Legend here and Now. Thank You Wendy. 26 days ago
PatrynXX : Great set. Been awhile since my jaw fell on the floor :) 26 days ago
rogerpackinrod : Double whatever you were paying her. 26 days ago
Otis : The greatest of all Zishy videos. 26 days ago
reign1080 : Great shoot, I could watch her put lotion on for hours 26 days ago
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched : @cr445671 Man, that comment made me feel very melancholic. 26 days ago
cr445671 : You can't marry them all, but you should've married her 26 days ago
cybcar : my heart is broken, WENDY got me through some tough times, i knew at the end of the day i download and look forward to looking at the new photos that Zack took of this BEAUTIFUL ginger girl, or should i say SUPER MODEL. LOVE U WENDY! 27 days ago
Moose : Thank you Wendy. 27 days ago
THK666 : Life is weird. Sometimes people are just suddenly gone, and the world keeps going. 27 days ago
Diablo7 : hell yeah, she's one of the finest girls ever to be on this site. It's always a pleasure to see new material from her. 27 days ago
jackstraw : Gorgeous as always, amazing video as well 27 days ago
Wildman73 : love her one of the top redheads ever; up their with Karla Meyer, Dominique Sorribes, and that Quarantine girl. nothing hornier or more beautiful than radiant red areolas -well done Zach 27 days ago
fre302 : You saved the best set for last.She's a beautiful red head one of my favorites. 27 days ago
sad144 : :) those nipples and areolas. 27 days ago
benovan : She was already a Zishy legend before this, and this set only adds to that legacy. If you ever do start a cult, I will offer my services to the cause on Day 1. 27 days ago
maddy : Surely one of the best model and a great set 27 days ago
Ison13 : Cheers Wendy, one of Zishy's finest! 27 days ago
nocky : Still my absolute no 1. 27 days ago
chefser : she is a beautiful & a class act . 27 days ago
Killbill : Nice body and Nice tits Pff Nice lady 27 days ago
room199 : A sad thought to see no more Wendy. :-/ But a very happy thought to see this set! 27 days ago
Emanon : So happy she did another shoot!! Best fucking video you have on the site so far. Wendy is perfection 27 days ago
Hornytxn : Awesome pics, she is a sexy creature! 27 days ago
fatboyfudd : Beautiful, she's truly a stunning woman 27 days ago
Sovereign : <3 <3 <3 27 days ago