Lady Noire My Kind Of Woman
added on May 01, 2020
Here's a new series of videos that I have been working on with a few of the beautiful women that participated in the quarantine challenge. I requested some dancing videos, sorta like an R-rated TikTok. All of us are supposed to be stuck at home, so why not? Lady Noire is incredible by the way. Her vibrant performance is exactly what I had in mind. Let me know what you think.
Lady Noire My Kind Of Woman - 1
Lady Noire My Kind Of Woman - 2
Lady Noire My Kind Of Woman - 3
Lady Noire My Kind Of Woman - 4
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slriggib : I love this video of her so much that i check it out from time to time. She really has graceful movements and her body is devine. 5 months ago
slriggib : Luv the butt! Luv the jiggle. 11 months ago
Wildman73 : what an arse id think of lots of things to do down their more of this rump shacking princess 11 months ago
Minjanohawk : Love this idea. R rated tik tok. Brilliant. And she's pure sexy 12 months ago
littletoes : I don't see the point and it simply stupid! If this is what your going with moving forward. I'm done with this site. 12 months ago
Another day : Nice idea with the video but would still love some stills of this beautiful girl. 12 months ago
ZishFlips79 : Anyone that thinks this woman is plus size is ignorant. I'd suggest google in order to fix that. Anyway, like every woman that's exhibited on zishy, she's lovely. 12 months ago
diablo69 : @LickingLadyVoss She's not a plus size TO YOU maybe. And that's fine. I guess you're perceiving my comment as a negative when it's actually just a factual statement. "Say again" all you'd like, you're certainly entitled to your opinion like everyone else, if you like girls on the larger side. Many people do. But don't be so quick to "correct" people and make declarations about how someone else is wrong. I can guarantee you her BMI will fall comfortably in the plus size. Facts are facts. Just like a girl that's 5ft 0" is short and a girl that is 5ft 8" is tall, yes, she's plus size. She's still beautiful, and still sexy. 12 months ago
LickingVickyVoss : soo here's my take on this: ZACK I LOVE THE NEW FORMAT Please Keep this. Make it regular for now on. Lady Noire. what can i say man.i don't consider her BBW or Plus Size. I've seen Big Women & Plus. She's very Hipy,Curvy in the feminine areas of a woman.and personally (no disrespect) i 'm NOT into Plus Woman.So I Say Again SHES NOT PLUS WOMAN.Lol !! pleas UPDATE us on Lady Noire,Love Redheads Love Her Figure,She's on the Small Size in height(and thats ok).lovely skin and gorgeous Eyes. i wanna know if the carpet matches the drapes on this one. i loved her energy in this video you should have them ALL DO THIS. Have All You Models Do This. This Would BE AWESOME for us As A Member of Zishy. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy Everyone. Thanx'Zack Always Man And A Very Big Thank You to Ms.Lady Noire. remember everyone Wash You Hands,Wear a Freak'n Mask. Lmao !! - CHEERS ! 12 months ago
cybcar : AWESOME! SEXY LADY 12 months ago
TymePeace4U : Fantastic Idea. Great experimental format. Would love to see more to see how it goes. 12 months ago
diablo69 : Personally, I'm not typically into plus sized girls but there's no escaping her sexy look, moves and personality. And it's hard not to love a beautiful redhead. And I'm probably in the minority, I think a lot of guys like pluys sized girls. For those guys she's a hard 10. 12 months ago
rockhopper29 : I love it. What a great video from this beautiful redhead, very coordinated and I think she must have some karate training because her side kick was very good. Just a wonderful and entertaining dance video. Redheads rule!!!!!!!! 12 months ago
princefan79 : 100%! I hope that her OnlyFans memberships have exploded with her Zishy exposure! Loving it! 12 months ago
hoyhoy69 : Ahh what a gal! 12 months ago
torbhard : love the idea 12 months ago
Talon : An interesting idea, but only if it does not slow down the normal operation of the site, as happened with the challenge 12 months ago
ZachVenice : Don’t worry, the site is not ditching photos 12 months ago
PatrynXX : I'm a photography guy. hope this isn't gonna be like this , or I'll just take a break off the site 12 months ago
Curved : Nothing better than a woman with nice hips, small breasts and an ass that is just so ripe. 12 months ago
Phorsythia : Thank you, Lady Noire. You are beautiful and desirable. Z, did we ever get formal announcement of Quarantine winner? I mean I’ve gone through all the contestants and seen each’s star score. So I guess no. 23? But all were fantastic models. Some sort of announcement on the homepage? This contest, by the way, was a stroke of pure genius. 12 months ago
chinaski7676 : Cual una Venus prerafaelita de Rossetti o Millais, evoca mundos oniricos. Su precioso pelo se antoja la mejor de las riendas, y su sensual boca, la mas ansiada meta. 12 months ago
happyboy : Sat down with a mug of good coffee and watched the vid. Great way to start the day. please make more of these's vid's. 12 months ago
slriggib : Her dancing is kinda cute with a little sex appeal sprinkeled on top of the luscious butt. Hot! 12 months ago
cybcar : good idea, more please 12 months ago
LeatherSoSoft : Pretty cool 12 months ago
fatboyfudd : WoW. Bring her back for more. much more. 12 months ago
antithesis : I like it. Wish it was not edited down. 12 months ago
456456a : OMG. So sexy. Would love to see more of Lady Noire and other Zishy women dancing. She looks fantastic in those jeans and tank top!!!! Sooooo erotic. 10 Stars!!!! 12 months ago
MegaNerd09 : Deff need a 2nd gallery set with her 12 months ago
Sergio Berto : great idea! I loved it! 12 months ago
Holst47 : Good concept, excellent model. Wouldn't mind seeing more of this format 12 months ago
stevewest : I thought she was fantastic. Thank you. 12 months ago
Einarrthebear24 : Is a good idea 12 months ago
Tazman : good idea like 12 months ago
Exoticgentleman : Great Idea. Plus girls love to dance and exhibit. Hope you asked contestant #18 too. 12 months ago