Emelia Pearl Aquarium Teardrops Fall
added on Apr 29, 2020
Emelia Pearl Aquarium Teardrops Fall - 1
I photographed Emelia Pearl around the holidays. Her father's tropical fish tank cast an interesting hue of light on her body. She sat naked in his favorite leather recliner. We filmed in her parents' bedroom. We had the run of the house while everyone else was at work. Freedom means no rules, that is why none of us is ever really free.
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Bonus HD Video Clip

room199 : Kudos to all the knights in shining armour coming to Emelia's rescue and personally defending her from the onslaught of evil online criticism. I'm sure she will love you forever. about 1 month ago
fatboyfudd : Im actually entertained. Its really funny to see so many "man buns" and participation trophy winners get their prepubescent nut sacks in an uproar just because I expressed an opinion of taste. Not one of you chafing pierced nipples commented on the complimentary part of my initial comment. Like so many uninformed proletariat, you focused on one thing, and had a knee jerk, and a dick jerk reaction. HaHa about 1 month ago
LickingVickyVoss : sooo delicious in every way possible; emelia to me IMHO is a perfect skinny/slim girl if that makes anysense at all. what i'm saying is she has a petite curvature match with her slim figure and a delightful skinny girl gap between her Valley Of Mons to wet any mans appetite for days over and over. Love Emelia every time she's posted. 1 of my favs. thanx Zack. And THANK YOU Ms.Beautiful Emelia Pearl. your work is VERY Appreciated. Please Continue. FYI to the members in this thread: you know normally i don't interject my own thoughts but i have to Agree with Member:Taffy Lewis. i agree what there saying its soo predictable with some of the members here with there so called-Professional insight to a modeling photo-shoot. it is laughable at best' Lol !! about 1 month ago
sad144 : so unapologetically naked, 5 stars about 1 month ago
greywolf : What a natural beauty. Adorable. One of my favorites . about 1 month ago
njlock : Wow...look at the gap between those slender legs!!! She is a petite beauty and although I love a juicy fat ass this one is certainly hits a different taste spot about 1 month ago
DarthSync : Cute & spunky. I love me a petite lady. about 1 month ago
Gateway : What a sweet girl! about 1 month ago
fre302 : I think she's sexy,so small and petite makes me feel like I'm 6'4 and x large next to her. about 1 month ago
Taffy Lewis : It's always a laugh to hear guys diss a beautiful girl like they're some kind of sultan choosing from the harem. Too fat, too skinny, too exotic, too boring, too many tats/plugs/piercings, they've done hardcore... when the reality is that most of the nitpickers would spray their shorts and run if ANY of these beauties gave them time of day. If you think it's easy to model nude, try taking off your clothes and let a thousand strangers comment on your naked ass. By the way, a lot of these girls do show up to read the comments... you don't have to drool if you're not feeling it but for God's sake be polite. about 1 month ago
FullFeeling : No one's offended, but you fatboyfudd. Just pointing out that it's a bit dick. And of course you're free to be a dick... but then you obviously already know that. So it's even more funny to hear you calling somebody else "snowflake" when someone calls you out for it as they're also free to do. You're the one who takes offense even though you're the one who started disparaging comments. It's deeply strange to me how much pride some people take in being shitheads for no reason. And how committed they are to it. about 1 month ago
fatboyfudd : Awww, sounds like reign1080 may be snow flake offended. Thats why I inserted the qualifier . . . " too skinny for me. " Im free to leave whatever comments I want here. If Im guilty of anything, reign1080 has even more blame. At least Ive seen Emelia Pearl, and can comment. reign1080 doesnt even know user room199, yet still proposes that they are " no prize pig ". about 1 month ago
FGThreethree : Piercing eyes and such a pretty smile! Her ass in #11 is amazing and 33-34 are simply gorgeous! about 1 month ago
maestro9 : Lovely pix and video. Well done! about 1 month ago
crutch : Incredible but needs more of that sleek back. about 1 month ago
Teez187 : Good lord she is Amazing! about 1 month ago
FullFeeling : dafuq is with the comments commenting on weight - there are slender girls her and heavy girls and everything in between. If one set isn't to your taste, there'll be another along in a couple days that probably will be. about 1 month ago
reign1080 : Interesting to see someone who goes by the screen name as Fatboyfudd having anything to say about someone else's body. Same goes for you room199, I'm sure you're no prize pig. about 1 month ago
fatboyfudd : She is Waaayyyy too Skinny for me. I hope she was thinking about eating those fish in the tank. Beautiful face and perfect smile tho. about 1 month ago
RTD1 : TOTAL DREAM SET PERFECT! about 1 month ago
rchangel : Outstanding. She intoxicates me. about 1 month ago
Ander : Nice Acropora about 1 month ago
FullFeeling : She's amazing. Just how she is. about 1 month ago
room199 : Hot shoot (although Emilia could do with an extra burger or two) about 1 month ago
JoeZ : Using the fish tank...home run. Nice job. about 1 month ago
phaedrus : Now that is a pretty girl. Just everything about her, head to toe. The touching in the video... just wow. about 1 month ago