Nina Gitch Workout Studio
added on Aug 13, 2012
Nina Gitch Workout Studio - 1
Nina Gitch back at it in my friend, Whitey's yoga studio. Whitey is actually the name he goes by and he does yoga instruction and is a country singer. Am I alone in finding that an interesting combination? Whitey and Nina hit it off because she is also a singer and songwriter. I am starting to understand yoga's draw. Have you ever seen the glistening females that walk out of those classes in their tights, exhausted from contorting their bodies in difficult positions? I totes get it now. Today marks the last day of the London Olympics and the end of my cable TV subscription. See you in 4 years, Time Warner.
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Nina Gitch Workout Studio - 3
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stjpth12 : Something was getting blue and white after seeing this pictures and i am not talking about her top and panties over 4 years ago
WayneCon : Great figure and a fun girl. over 5 years ago
Blackdoc : My second favorite girl, behind on Noelle Easton. If she showed more skin, she'd usurp her position as my go to. almost 6 years ago
biged72 : Is there anyway at all that we can see this chick topless, bottomless, or maybe even completely nude? What a gorgeous, beautiful lady. almost 6 years ago
pale.ale : more, please? over 6 years ago
moopieb : WOW. What a body, need more of this! over 6 years ago
Anderson : Superb!! I love her smile. almost 8 years ago