Quarantined Contestant 18
added on Apr 17, 2020
Quarantined Contestant 18 - 1
Contestant 18 is from Texas. She is obviously a natural redhead or has me fooled completely. She admits to having her photographer friend help her with the camera, but I assured her that it was well within the rules. Is it weird that masks are starting to look sexy to me now?
Quarantined Contestant 18 - 2
Quarantined Contestant 18 - 3
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chefser : What is her name ????? 25 days ago
Wildman73 : I need more of her please about 1 month ago
Johnny : she's the best of the contestants, by far 2 months ago
Wildman73 : god she's so hot this her first time???? - id love to commission her for more shoots i.e. black lingerie against that pale skin 2 months ago
silverdragonianp : Zishy feels like her natural home. Great to see her here. 2 months ago
SW2019 : Phenomenal red bush, beautiful tits, amazing! 2 months ago
FullFeeling : WHATEVER this beauty put on any part of her amazing body would look sexy by association. I that must be how people get into some of the less savory fetishes. 2 months ago
Gateway : LOVE her red bush! Sexy girl by all accounts. 2 months ago
bowfinger : Beautiful girl, tight body! 3 months ago
frank13 : Red head...ok red pubic hair,wow trade mark on an genuin red hair oh god so beautiful 3 months ago
Sovereign : Perfect ! 3 months ago
fre302 : Sexy, she being a natural red head makes her more sexy too 3 months ago
cybcar : This Texas Red is Beautful! 3 months ago
LickingVickyVoss : ohh boy we have a REDHEAD okay, thats it Contest is over it seems. lmao ! Thank You For Showcasing a Red Zack. such delicious perky nipples to feed starving children and those freckles are cute as Hott' . perfect grit tight body just lovely all over. maybe she'll win. 3 months ago
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched : @gboy1640 Also one question mark is sufficient. 3 months ago
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched : @gboy1640 these are all self submissions and this is part of a contest. One of the parameters of said contest is fifty percent of the pictures contain have masks covering the face. This is also to allow anonymity to be maintained for non subscribers. You must have not been paying attention for the past week and a half. 3 months ago
Exoticgentleman : This girl #18 is rated second so far with 4.52 and first being the contestant#5 from Thailand at 4.66. Hope both of them win. 3 months ago
gboy1640 : please stop these stupid mask shots...don't people come here to escape all this coronavirus crap ?? 3 months ago
greywolf : I think I need a break . . . fiery Bush , so natural so breathtaking beautiful young Lady . . . courageous , thank you 3 months ago
Voador : Just wow 3 months ago
FrenchJack : J'aimerais bien qu'on puisse la revoir prochainement... 3 months ago
FrenchJack : Magnifique, parfaite... J'ADORE !!! 3 months ago
ifd474 : Love the fiery bush. #19 us my favorite. You need to get back again! 3 months ago
princefan79 : Nice! I like the way Contestant 18 works the shag! Her mask reminds me o' one of my initial graphic erotic attractions--those femme superheroes. She's my Quarrantine Hero! 3 months ago
slriggib : Luv redheads, this is lovely. Love her bush and perky Tits. Yummy babe. 3 months ago
rockhopper29 : Well she definitely gets an A plus from me. My weakness for natural redheads has gotten me in hot water a few times and this one having a set of beautiful nipples makes her a diamond to me. 3 months ago
fatboyfudd : She is perfect. 3 months ago
mden15 : Lol 3 months ago
RTD1 : Fantastic red bush! 3 months ago