Quarantined Contestant 4
added on Apr 13, 2020
Quarantined Contestant 4 - 1
Contestant 4 is from Tampa. She says that the thing she misses the most is being able to go the gym. Home workouts on her balcony will have to do for now. This Floridian invites us all to join along. Sweat out those germs! Subscribe and see her adorable face.
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whynot112 : What a lovely shoot. Even better than your current work on SG!!! about 10 hours ago
PaulinaH : Tantalizing eyes and a delicious butt. about 1 month ago
Phorsythia : Thank you, Sasha. You are so lovely 2 months ago
cybcar : super sweet ass 3 months ago
LickingVickyVoss : I' Don't know what it is about some of those FLORIDIAN Women;not crazy about tats in general.BUT HER'S are a Work of Artistic beauty. i like 'em a lot. plus she's pretty perky great buttocks nice charm about herself. whats NOT to like about her. missing the gym does sux though. 3 months ago
greywolf : Ten stars for her Butt . . . I personally don't go for that many tats and pierced nips but what a strong Body . . . nice Set of Pictures 3 months ago
fatboyfudd : Sasha is my favorite. She is going to win. I have spoken. 3 months ago
JMan27 : That body is a work of art, (er, not referring to the tats, oops!) and her smile - a thing of beauty! 3 months ago
Sergio Berto : I loved this model! 3 months ago
Breathless Oblivion : She has a cute face and fantastic ass. 3 months ago
fatboyfudd : Sasha is an incredibly beautiful woman. Bring her back for more sets 3 months ago
Nueron : Never have i more wanted to be a bead of sweat in my life 3 months ago
Anonno : So fuckin hot 3 months ago
earlyfall : So incredibly beautiful! 3 months ago
hoyhoy69 : 23 and 25 you go gurl! I love a strong back 3 months ago
hoyhoy69 : Awesome! 3 months ago
PatrynXX : She has a left side thigh tat that is similar to Joclyn Stone :O in a sexy position too very similar.. Yeah I know joclyn's version number but don't care.. 3 months ago
cjiros : Tattoos are gross, shes gross 3 months ago
Ginolova : wow beauty of the Zizhy .........please more more more 3 months ago
wanacito2000 : Please bring her back to do more! 3 months ago
Voador : Amazing. Would love to see more of her here 3 months ago
Johnny : she's kinda ugly 3 months ago
trjhn. : Beautiful girl with big assets... 3 months ago
rchangel : Sweet Jebus... 3 months ago
Killbill : Zo Pff what a body and girl.. To hot 3 months ago
dipo : nice strong women :) 3 months ago
456456a : Fantastic shoot and woman! Yes, I second that emotion - please keep this contest going forever! 3 months ago
Mossykat : Her lifts lead to my gains. Glorious! 3 months ago
Sasha Alex : Yes I’m a Suicide girl!! My SG name is apex and my real name is sasha :) 3 months ago
kfcno : Isn't that Apex Suicide? 3 months ago
horn guy : Fabulous body and cute smile 3 months ago
love beautiful Curves : OMG I Cant stop from being erect! 3 months ago