Alejandra Cobos Red Lobster Lips
added on Apr 12, 2020
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Happy Easter, sweet Internet. Alejandra Cobos and I needed nourishment, but we decided to go to Red Lobster. Just joshing. RL has its perks. Cheddar biscuits being the main one. On this particular evening, our fellow diners did not appreciate the use of flash photography. Noise was made. I am sorry folks, but we have a job to do. Women like this do not come around everyday. Can you believe there are powerful forces that vilify you for appreciating scandalous photos of a specimen like Alejandra Cobos? Oh I see, just because I am mediocre myself means that I should only be able to see mediocre humans naked? Screw you, thought police. Let us ordinary men at least have this.
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Anon343434 : more 6 days ago
rubic : nice titties and wide fat Mexican ass! 13 days ago
fbfanatic : Alejandra, it's time for you to return here and get totally naked. Your sets have been exceptional whether you're fully dressed or naked. I'm sure I speak for other subscribers when I state you should come back and give us some more lovely images. about 1 month ago
fre302 : Love that video!! about 1 month ago
teezeme : i love when the girl is excited. best ever!! 3 months ago
pancho villa : El Paso women are so beautiful,.. that's why I live here. 3 months ago
Brittsaboss1 : My favorite so far! 4 months ago
slriggib : She is no doubt, a gorgeous woman but the photo shoot didn't capture that beauty and sexyness that i feel is due her. Sorry! Do it better. She deserves better. 4 months ago
marceire : Extra great when your models get aroused and are clearly enjoying themselves! Thanks Alejandra! 4 months ago
Elcachorro : Hands down the finest chick on this site, bar none 4 months ago
quade6 : we need to see ALL of her!! Amazing 4 months ago
fre302 : Wow what a beautiful woman you've got here! I'm grateful for her showing herself in this way and to you for finding her and photographing her so marvelously sexy. 4 months ago
Sergio Berto : It's Always good to see her! 4 months ago
dfhny : yep more 4 months ago
Ison13 : What a Goddess! <3 4 months ago
tagsu3 : #1 on this site !! 4 months ago
PatrynXX : Apparently some of their lighting made it more interesting. :) 4 months ago
bowfinger : Alejandra is stunning! She made my heart race a little bit there! 4 months ago
fbfanatic : Here is a reiteration of a comment I made regarding another set....Alejandra's sets have been terrific. She's just a gorgeous young woman. Perhaps she has no interest, but any mainstream erotic model site like Playboy etc. would jump at the chance to have her for sets and video shoots. Her work here clearly shows us that a model can be incredibly beautiful and sexy without having explicit shots of her private part. She is a pleasure to look at.... Not only does Alejandra look even more beautiful here, but she appears increasingly confident and comfortable posing for the camera. I admire the lighting and coloring of the set as well. I'd honestly pay a full years' subscription just for her sets. Let's hope you give us much more of this striking and gorgeous model. 4 months ago
Diablo7 : hell yeah she is one of the absolute hottest ever to appear on this of the hottest girls I've ever seen just generally speaking. 4 months ago
riyan : i was waiting for her more sets. We would like to have some more.. leg spread and all; may be better you give a quarantine challenge to her 4 months ago
The Brain : Ce serait pour moi un magnifique confinement 4 months ago
Lemongello : Wow Zach you do love us 4 months ago
naohase : didn't expect more of her for a while, a pleasant surprise :) 4 months ago