Quarantined Contestant 1
added on Apr 07, 2020
Quarantined Contestant 1 - 1
I have succumbed to another late-night, wacky-ass, possibly brilliant idea. I will be running a contest over the next 2 weeks or so, asking women to snap photos of themselves while they are quarantined at home. You will have to be a Zishy subscriber to see the faces of these bold females. Here is the first contestant. She is stuck somewhere in Wisconsin with her family. Fortunately, She has enough alone time to participate in the challenge. She reached out, being a longtime fan of Zishy. Believe it or not, she is even a subscriber. Rad. More details on the contest here: www.zishy.com/contest
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fatboyfudd : I just viewed her most recent gallery, I must have missed her when she did the quarantine challenge. Bring her back for as many photographic motifs as possible. 15 days ago
Hornytxn : Her bush is devine!! about 1 month ago
Pickles360 : I think I’m in love 3 months ago
cybcar : somebody had to start the contest, i give this foxy lady a Medal of Honer to be the first to step up. Nice ass 3 months ago
LickingVickyVoss : this one's Bush is talking to me very well spoken to. ha ha Great 1st Pick. 3 months ago
slriggib : Luv the bush! She is fabulous. 3 months ago
FullFeeling : Hope you can book a shoot with her soon! 3 months ago
Naughty Mystic : zach is fucking genius 3 months ago
kenloch : awesome I hope she becomes a regular 3 months ago
jimjimmers : Number one, still the best. 3 months ago
smalldicksmatter : fantastic. Hope you photograph her in the future. 3 months ago
Ginolova : more shots on panties pls 3 months ago
jackstraw : Great contest idea, but when this is over, you best try and photograph this one yourself! 3 months ago
B3LM0ND0 : Beautifully unkempt. And a subscriber, too?! Stay indoors, stay safe and keep taking lots of photos, Wisconsin. 3 months ago
marceire : Amazing eyes and face, glorious bush! xxx. 3 months ago
Moose : Very nice. 3 months ago
greywolf : Thanks to this cool Idea . . . what a natural Beauty . . . Boobs and Butt just superb and praise the Bush . . . No 14 is the Best . . . thank you Wisconsin 3 months ago
zaxes1234 : wowee thts a great bush 3 months ago
maestro9 : What a lovely lady!. Stay healthy, y'all! 3 months ago
benovan : You have some truly wonderful pubes. Thank you for sharing them with the world. 3 months ago
HeyHey : Appreciate the cute challenge :) 3 months ago
happyboy : drooling over here 3 months ago
hubris0 : Stunningly gorgeous! 3 months ago
456456a : Love the idea Zach. And she’s fantastic. Beautiful, sexy and creative! More please! 3 months ago
Magicalduck : I love her bush, more of that please!! 3 months ago
btp28 : excellent set very sexy 3 months ago
reginard : Off to a great start! 3 months ago
blurryface : 1999? Fuck I'm old. I feel dirty being aroused by this...lol 3 months ago
Sergio Berto : Amazing!I liked it! 3 months ago
Talon : Excellent idea but to improve I would need more dynamic updates two or three days is a long time. By the way ... beautiful eyes! 3 months ago
dimension75 : One of the very best on the site. Loved every bit. 3 months ago
phaedrus : Damn she is hot. That bush is awesome. And now I feel old because I started high school the year she was born. 3 months ago
Saxyone : Great idea. She. Is. Awesome. Enough said. 3 months ago
rchangel : Epic in all ways, and the single most fantastic bush in history!! 3 months ago
rockhopper29 : I agree with all the positive comments,good idea, creative and the ladies are great for participating in this novel way. Thanks, stay safe. 3 months ago
lov3lingerie : Beautiful! 3 months ago
Ison13 : Thank you mysterious subscriber, you're very pretty. <3 Like the idea Zach! 3 months ago
tagsu3 : Kudos Zach !!! Great site !!! 3 months ago
jimjimmers : Since you're a subscriber apparently, I'd like to say you've got an amazing figure, lovely breasts, and lovely nipples. You're also gorgeous to boot. 3 months ago
Muzampa : Madonna mia!! She is absolutely sensational!!! 3 months ago
stratus : Excellent work Zach, and contestant numero uno 3 months ago
Neff : Thank you, brave lass! 3 months ago
PatrynXX : Nice Bush. Gotta have a name. :O Another from WI. I know 2 now. Yes brother was born in Madison. I was born in Davenport IA. Which isn't under a stay at home order smh In WI thats not working but in MN it is. Seen one at least one model from SE MN. Which is where I grew up. Other than Nikki Sims, it's hard to find Midwestern Models. So Kudos to her. 3 months ago
princefan79 : Awesome idea, Zach, and such a beautiful first-contestant post! Applause all around! 3 months ago
Zach Venice : I'm not sure, but I'll still be posting standard galleries as well. 3 months ago
ironstorm : I like the driving licence picture ! So real ! 3 months ago
jimjimmers : (I think you should blur the month & day on her ID though) 3 months ago
jimjimmers : How frequent do you expect these contest updates to be? 3 months ago
StuMick : Zach you need to do some shots of this beautiful, sexy young lady. She is naturally beautiful. 3 months ago
Curved : Nice to see she doesn’t wax. 3 months ago
ftgrl980 : She is so fucking sexy. Her bush and tits are amazing 3 months ago
Vanilla : Absolutely stunning. Hope she becomes a regular!! Great idea. 3 months ago
frank13 : Really cute young lady,beautiful body nice breasts and an really beautiful natural hairy pussy 3 months ago
Soufflet : Very furry.... :) 3 months ago
hntdhs : She's beautiful. 3 months ago
Mondochiwan : With enough bush, a woman is never really naked! 3 months ago
DarthSync : Straight off the bat: A cute, sexy young lady. Love it. 3 months ago
wolfhouse : Great Idea Zach 3 months ago
HenryJ : Good to see au natural; hot bush :} 3 months ago
DanPlainview : great idea. great girl. 3 months ago
horn guy : Super idea, and glad there are willing participants! 3 months ago
kholsey : Amazing! 3 months ago
Otis : Brilliant idea, beautiful girl. Outstanding. 3 months ago
rollo : Very nice! Hope she is willing to do more for the site. 3 months ago
cynchi : i love bushes. So beautiful 3 months ago
bob bobson : picture quality isnt great, but thats to be expected. On the other hand she is fantastic, and once this current situation is over it would be well worth doing a proper shoot if she is willing 3 months ago
damsel : I really, really like it! One good thing from this crazy insanity. More, more! 3 months ago
RTD1 : Best set ever I love the great bush its time to see that make a comeback! 3 months ago
JIII : Wow she's pretty and what a cool idea! 3 months ago