Carmen Rae Domesticated Iguanas
added on Mar 15, 2020
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The pandemic nightmare has a silver lining. Once it has passed, I will appreciate my typical existence waaay more. I promise not to let minor inconveniences ruin my day. No more bitching about my lover's foul breath. I will not take any sunny, carefree moment with women like Carmen Rae for granted. I will savor every future bite of liver and onions. I will learn how to properly participate in those group dances at weddings. But until then, I need some goddamn toilet paper. Let's fuck this corona shit up.
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Gateway : What a sweet, sweet girl. 5 months ago
Gateway : She is soooo cute. 5 months ago
LickingVickyVoss : Carmen Rae is always a delight to see a return to. i wish more of an update with her Zack she's easy on the eyes my good man,easy on the eyes indeed. Lol !! to add note: as someone who's a lil exp. in SL 450 Mercedes Benz; all i will say is this.Mercedes have this, i don't know how to put it. its sorta of a essence to them. there are and have mostly always been a treat to drive / ride in.owning one of them is an entirely different animal all together. but driving / riding in one oooohh yeah baby. Sooo sweet sleek and sexy. with Carmen Rae to boot you can't lose gentlemen. 5 months ago
maestro9 : Incredibly lovely and sexy woman. 5 months ago
bowfinger : Sweet teaser! 5 months ago
Wilk : Oh beautiful C.Rae. Love this gorgeous model. Wanna keep you all to myself!! 5 months ago
Talon : Again try the lizard close to its sex, it would seem the virgin stepping on the snake 5 months ago
fre302 : She's pretty hot. Very Sexy! 5 months ago
lonic123 : Sexy model, love the outfit, lovely smile, great location, thank you. 5 months ago
rollo : Welcome back, Carmen! We've missed you. Beautiful young lady! 5 months ago