Dita Vetone In Vapor Wear
added on Mar 08, 2020
Dita Vetone In Vapor Wear - 1
Dita Vetone whipped out this bodysuit and said that it would look good in some photos. Um yeah, I think you are on to something here, Dita. Let's try it. Once she put it on her exquisite natural figure, she became timid. I showed her some test shots and Dita agreed that while the suit was way too revealing, she looked too spectacular in it to refuse. If sharing is caring, Dita must love us all. And now I patiently await the "get her naked" comments. Some people are predictable ungrateful. Kisses.
Dita Vetone In Vapor Wear - 2
Dita Vetone In Vapor Wear - 3
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Fucking Yummmmmazing. Cute pussy and nice nipples on big tits..... ugh
mden15 - 4 days ago
Zishy Top 10, if not Top 5 All Time. Need MORE and MORE and MORE.
fanTahZ - 16 days ago
Wow… I am in awe <3
Sovereign - 22 days ago
Fantastic shoot, fantastic model. Wow. Bodysuit is extraordinary.
456456a - 27 days ago
Holy shit.
jhood - 28 days ago
Dita is beautiful; this is a great set.
Moose - 28 days ago
dita est une de mes favorite sur ce site, elle a vraiement un corps de rêve, je recherche un nue intégrale de cette fille.
dela - 28 days ago
fre302 - 28 days ago
Statuesque and beautiful. Great set.
Gateway - 29 days ago
These are so much better than her Instagram photos because she is not so made up. The make up hides her beauty.
Otis - 29 days ago
Great Model, great outfit, great photos, thank you.
lonic123 - 29 days ago
The fact of having deleted the comment indicates that indeed ... it was her!
Talon - 29 days ago
Fantastic. Watching each set of this woman is like watching a saga. Each one builds on the last. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks so much to both Dita and Zach!
Add_Dress18 - 29 days ago
Spectacular, naked or not!
daverbee - 29 days ago
Get her naked!
Mondochiwan - 30 days ago
Not only is she a desirable beauty, but she must also be an intelligent beauty, as shown by her having the good sense to not puncture her natural soft titties, and poke a hole through what appear to be fine fine nipples by inserting those stupid barbell insertions. Thank you darlin.........
rockhopper29 - 30 days ago
She does a lot of nudes under the name bignino100
yishot - 30 days ago
I sent a body sock sheer duo (black one and a pink one) to a model once she never had the chance to use it but alot of fine art nude models love those and they are still fun to watch
PatrynXX - 30 days ago
What we’re all waiting for
Vandrusalem - 30 days ago
One of the best galleries! At last! Like the old times... for pics line these zishy begun...
haposai - 30 days ago
Absolutely in-f...-credible. More and more of Dita please!
room199 - 30 days ago
I would love to see her completely stripped of makeup also.
bowfinger - 30 days ago
Daring images of a lovely model--a beautiful radiance shows here. Hot stuff!
princefan79 - 30 days ago
Definitely a favourite, up there with Ellen Kennedy and Shyla. Great set Zach.
hubbahubba - 30 days ago
Only thing missing is a video!!
Subarucrazy - 30 days ago
of course, pretty nice shot !
dipo - about 1 month ago
I agree with Taffy Lewis that the bodysuit is actually more risque than total nudity, at least in this case. She has teased so much so now to finally see her breasts so clearly seems so scandalous for her! love it
Munk - about 1 month ago
Definitely not complaining. Dita is incredibly generous to share her beauty with us. The bodysuit is actually more risque than total nudity would be. Christmas came waaaaay early this year.
Taffy Lewis - about 1 month ago
Dita would be incredibly sexy in a head to toe covering trench coat. Love her!
rollo - about 1 month ago
I don't think Dita minds revealing anything! and please, she is practically naked anyways, so yeh, get her naked! She could be a very successful nude model if she wanted it.
bowfinger - about 1 month ago
Exquisite form. Lovely, laughing eyes too.
rchangel - about 1 month ago
Dita is back and makes the day worth being around! Thanks!
pat2705 - about 1 month ago
Dita is a jaw dropper
Minjanohawk - about 1 month ago
Absolutely incredible. This girl is legendary hotness.
Diablo7 - about 1 month ago
She’s so beautiful that it’s almost painful.
billmurraythebatman - about 1 month ago
Please, get her naked.
benovan - about 1 month ago
What a wonderful world..
pascal - about 1 month ago
Big Nino!
Jackie - about 1 month ago
Marvelous, beautiful Dita is a real goddess. Please Zach more pictures sets of her.
smith2 - about 1 month ago