Mattie Borders Pup Pup Power
added on Feb 28, 2020
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It was back in 2013 or 14 when I photographed this kooky rodeo girl named Mattie Borders. I can't recall what role she played, but it was a dangerous one. Mattie explained how the rodeo almost cost her her leg. I love thrill seekers. They have the most interesting stories if they live long enough to tell them. You can choose to be safe, but hardly anyone will want to buy the rights. Live dangerously for it is a sound investment. On my way to the Wuhan Table Tennis Invitational. See you soon, boi.
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holdmenowandforever : I am so in love with this beautiful girl! Her face alone is enough to spend an eternity admiring. Absolutely gorgeous. On top of that her body has absolutely perfect proportions. Beautiful skin tone and freckles. Lovely hair. Totally in love! 5 months ago
dipo : nice girl but not much to see 8 months ago
FGThreethree : Yes! Gorgeous! What an ass! I love getting a peek at her pretty anus too 8 months ago
njlock : wow..a hottie.she loves to show her asshole but nothing else..mmmm go figure 8 months ago
Natter52 : Hnnnnnng 8 months ago
Bonedog42020 : Butthole periphery always cranks my motor over 8 months ago
fre302 : Very sexy and a happy lady. I like her body and beautiful skin, so very white. 8 months ago
xenocide : Quoting Yoel Romero out here 8 months ago
LickingVickyVoss : i don't give a Hoot what anybody says. but her " Spirit " and " Body Language " says I Enjoy my ass / asshole being played with possibly screwed really gud. who knows with these women nowadays. it wouldn't surprise me anyway. NO and i'm NOT projecting ova here. Lol!! 8 months ago
PatrynXX : She also has her own PH section. So she went up and around too. 8 months ago
PatrynXX : Models great photoshoot iffy. Seen better. I hope there's more. :) 8 months ago
bowfinger : Sexy woman! 8 months ago
Diablo7 : hot damn she is incredible; I just wish she showed off slightly more in this set 8 months ago
Moose : Fun, sexy and PUPPAY! 8 months ago
packrat118 : Mattie is such a 10; the perfect balance of cute and sexy. PLEASE tell us you have more than just the one set of her! 8 months ago
jerrybob : damn gorgeous girl with amazing body. if you have a follow up set which im sure we all hope you do, please take more standing ass pics and take it all offf your body is amazing. 8 months ago
happyboy : cute girl. i wounder where she is now. any more photos. nice ass 8 months ago
dela : content de revoir cette fille, mattie a déjà été active dans l'industrie du nue il y quelque année. J'ai plusieurs photo d'elle nue intégrale, vraiment cute . 8 months ago
JoeZ : She's amazingly cute. Looks like you guys had a fun time. I also liked her in the sundress and sweater stuff from earlier. The perfect southern CA "girl next door". Hopefully there's more stuff somewhere in the wings. 8 months ago
rockhopper29 : Excellent Friday posting.I always appreciate girls with butt cheeks showing when wearing shorts, and the case of this fine little butt, it is a real treat. Looks firm and quiet squeezable. Grade A prime quimm. 8 months ago
Mondochiwan : Cute freckles 8 months ago
voyeur13 : She's gorgeous! I can't believe you sat on these photos for this long. I hope there's more of her in the vault. 8 months ago
non3 : Lovely! 8 months ago