Camilita Johanna Tastes The Rain
added on Feb 03, 2020
Camilita Johanna Tastes The Rain - 1
A little rain is not going to stop Andy, our South American contributor, from capturing the beauty of Camilita Johanna. I read recently that Pablo Escobar's pet hippos have become an invasive species in Colombia. I also heard that hippos are the most dangerous animals, measured by human deaths caused each year. I smell conspiracy. Colombians want to keep foreigners away from their lovely women. I get it. Andy is down for more inside jobs. Stay tuned.
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daverbee : She is a breath of fresh air! 6 days ago
Gateway : Her combination of playfulness and eroticism are delightful. 4 months ago
xenocide : One of the best ever 4 months ago
Vincent : Pretty Model. Where is the sexy part? 4 months ago
LickingVickyVoss : WHAT a true natural south american beauty. thank andy and thank you ZACK for shining a light on the women of south america. i've always & continue my love affairs with women from south america & Latina's. awesome work. please give us more !! 4 months ago
Moose : Camilita is so damn cute. 4 months ago
fre302 : I'm thinking her boyfriend or husband is a lucky man. 4 months ago
hubbahubba : cute and sexy, wow 4 months ago
rockhopper29 : To me, picture 21 is fantastic. she is just a beauty. 4 months ago
Lemongello : Andy delivers the goods again! Thank you 4 months ago
GigaThumper : Flawless. I am absolutely enthralled, and instantly a fan. I sincerely hope Camilita graces us with more of her beauty. 4 months ago
Johnny : very nice colours and pretty girl 4 months ago
edgarallanpoe : Camalita is the type of exotic import I endorse. What a total beauty. 4 months ago
Sergio Berto : She is a nice girl! Please more sets! 4 months ago
btlsp2000 : Stunning 4 months ago
Wilk : Que Rico! 4 months ago