Julia Juliano And The Normal Man
added on Jan 24, 2020
Julia Juliano And The Normal Man - 1
You probably need a little backstory to these. They are almost 10 years old. I shot Julia Juliano when I was vaguely conceptualizing what would become Zishy. I enjoyed taking portraits of people and seeing them play up to the camera. And I also enjoyed photographing attractive women. So I started blending the two. Julia answered an ad for an edgy underwear photoshoot and she invited me over to her house in the Valley. We started shooting and her energy began compelling Julia to do more and more provocative things. She was throwing out her own ideas, ripping off clothing. I was intrigued by how enticing a woman could be as long as the results contained an element of tease and creativity. She was also honest about the human addiction to sex. These days, it gets harder to find people like Julia. A lot of other shit has changed since 2011, but mostly I just use dark theme now on my phone. Keep wild alive.
Julia Juliano And The Normal Man - 2
Julia Juliano And The Normal Man - 3
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@Vadge Guess you don't get the joke. He always takes pictures of models drinking at drinking fountains. This one was broke. It was a joke. Get with the program or feel free to find somewhere else to look at generic naked women.
Surefire11b - 25 days ago
She is so beautiful!
seebee01 - 26 days ago
Sexy and pretty.I'm lovin this one.
fre302 - 27 days ago
#51 is so cute.
Gateway - 27 days ago
I love the upskirt panty pics and the toilet pics. She's a really cute lady.
Gateway - 27 days ago
Totally agree w/ Swpeters32. I'd love to see more of the girls that were shot long ago. Think of it as their "B-Sides".
JoeZ - 27 days ago
Very lovely lady!
maestro9 - 27 days ago
Im really sorry! For all
SIC.THANKYOU - 27 days ago
if you have more (assuming you do)please don;t Hesitate to showcase them PLEASE !!
LickingVickyVoss - 28 days ago
I don't want to see signs of broken fucking drinking fountains...
Vadge - 28 days ago
If you are sitting on 10 year old pics hopefully you throw out some new or outtakes of older classic girls like Jazz Reilly or Stephie Musso. Here’s to hoping!
Swpeters32 - 28 days ago
Oh, damn it! More Julia please. Out in public is fantastic. Maybe get her back if possible?
Moose - 29 days ago
Such a beautiful and sexy woman. I hope she knows you published these pictures finally.
bowfinger - 29 days ago
Like smoking cigs out of style now. Vaping not so much Vaping machines look less gross. Pretty otherwise.
PatrynXX - 29 days ago
Great playful model. Love the pineapple shots especially. Julia seems like someone fun to know.
Phorsythia - 29 days ago
Great shoot! Any more material of Julia around? More of the old stuff is always welcome!
room199 - 29 days ago
Fatboyfudd, when you complain about his whinging, what do you think it is that you are doing? You subscribed for a reason, nobody forced you. Zach is the creator and dictates the journey, you're here for the ride. If it isn't what you like, find something you DO enjoy.. without doing your whole song and dance over here
georgeyy - 29 days ago
I like the model's posing and these captured images. Nice teamwork! It's cool to see the development of Zishy.
princefan79 - 29 days ago
Ha you're right. Thanks for the perspective.
Zach Venice - 29 days ago
Oh Zach, you cry and whine occasionally about your lack of this, your lack of that, how hard it is to find models, or how difficult it is to navigate in this modern world. If that's the character you want/need to play, so be it. Perhaps you should take our hard earned credits and give us what we want; no whining and access to pix of readily nude women. Of course, keep up the "shenanigans", but don't complain to the working man. we come here for relaxation, not to hear about how challenging it is to find nude models in a world of, nude models.
fatboyfudd - 29 days ago
Nice melons.
benovan - 29 days ago
I start this one off. Firstly, I commend you on staying fairly true to your original idea of what you wanted Zishy to be. 10 years later? You go off track sometimes and let a stink bomb come in, but I am still a subscriber after several years so I definitely approve. This was a nice set and she must have been a hoot to work with.
rockhopper29 - 29 days ago