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added on Jan 22, 2020
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Some people say that America is the most free society on Earth. I don't know about all that. I just know that it feels more restrictive everyday. Fear wants to control me at every turn. I can't even say what I truly feel half the time. Some people think the president is the main issue. I think they're missing the point. Everything is changing and everyone is scared. But I'm not dead yet and don't plan to be anytime soon. I still gotta break a billion on this fucking Candy Crush game. I still gotta publish all my photos of Barbie Qu and the other deviants. Free or not, I'm going to have some damn fun. Everyone else, please follow all the rules. Thanks.
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some how its so boring ... didn't turned out good.
Ginolova - 22 days ago
bowfinger: YOU are missing half the point. It's been going downhill since before even I was born (I'm old) but it's gotten exponentially worse in the last three years. The divide is terrible but Trump is not even a remotely good first step towards a solution. To anything.
Minjanohawk - 26 days ago
- as a fellow; i'm SURPRISED. your brave. NYC is EYES everywhere nowadays. to take risque & teasing photos in a WELL KNOWN public space in midtown like that. WAS VERY Risky(imo as a NY'r).but you pulled it i'm not evening joking here. NYC as a whole the public as well as the authorities don't let shit slide(not anymore anyway),sure there are ppl who don't get caught;such as yourself.but word to the wise be REALLY REALLY careful in places surveillance & observations especially NYC. Beautiful set, thank you for bring back the Lovely Lotus Flower Barbie Qu. would like to see more of her.(especially) before she up and decides to know showcase for Zishy anymore. Which seems to happen with some of your models.(unfortunately). thanks again Zack Great Set.
LickingVickyVoss - 29 days ago
rockhopper29 I disagree with you bud!
AnnB - 30 days ago
Barbie is so damn sexy. Thank you
Minjanohawk - about 1 month ago
Can you tell me the shoot date for this set? I think I may have actually been there and seen this model at a quick glance.
Jjbbiiggzz - about 1 month ago
You could have been jailed/ heavily fined for publishing these type of photos, as teasing as they are in this country's past. Freedom is relative, but we are not living in a totalitarian country..... yet. Aside from that; great set: Barbie Qu is lovely and the flashing/ teasing in public (another thing that would have got you both arrested for in our near past) is one of my favorite things.
Moose - about 1 month ago
Never learned how to follow the rules except directions o how to make stuff. Anything else. Hey I'm a rogue Christian. Who happens to like nude art. Kiss my ___ Insert whatever :) or as Carlin would say I'm sure Restrict this MF !! Laws yes Rules no. (maybe minor laws iffy. like say ____ or throwing snowballs where they are banned -- didn't know they were. Rarely enforced.. lol
PatrynXX - about 1 month ago
@Rockhopper, you think the country just started going downhill over the last 3 years? Have you been so blinded by the left/right "divide" that you have missed everything else? You have been whistling past the graveyard.
bowfinger - about 1 month ago
This woman is extraordinary! Keep bringing her back Zack!
Subarucrazy - about 1 month ago
Interesting stream of thought Zack V. However I disagree with you letting Trump off the hook. He is the most unqualified individual to unfortunately for America is the President, even though he lost the popular vote by over 2 million votes. He is a despicable deviant who because of his lack of knowledge and has made the world more dangerous by pissing off our allies. This set is o.k. but I wanted to respond to your statement.
rockhopper29 - about 1 month ago
Sexy Zishy oriental girl, nice mall in the background
fre302 - about 1 month ago
hell yes.
silverdragonianp - about 1 month ago
woooo yes that's another good one
Diablo7 - about 1 month ago
Sweet everything!
gojo885 - about 1 month ago