Vicky Chandler Cats Are Shy
added on Jan 16, 2020
Vicky Chandler Cats Are Shy - 1
Vicky Chandler is laid back and genuinely loves showing off her natural body. We photographed at her home in Texas. Vicky says that her neighbors love her. Somehow I'm not surprised. And most women prefer to wear knickers under their pantyhose, but Vicky is not one of them. I generally avoid conflict with the models, so there you have it.
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Fuck, going AGAIN
Anonno - 8 days ago
Wow, Vicky is stunning. 37-40 blew me away; sporty curvy ladies are my kryptonite.
packrat118 - 27 days ago
Okay so I seriously think I’m a bit addicted to this set. Just can’t stop staring at her....
Anonno - 28 days ago
Definitely the best set in a long time..... I pray there was a part 2 to this lol
Anonno - about 1 month ago
Damn. She's so fucking sexy. Wish I lived in wherever-she-is Texas...
Minjanohawk - about 1 month ago
I keep coming back. She’s so fuckin perfect
Anonno - about 1 month ago
Wow...great body.....perfection ! !
subman65 - about 1 month ago
Vicky - 2 Me - 0
Anonno - about 1 month ago
An amazing beauty! More please, if possible...
greywolf - about 1 month ago
she is beautiful Very hot
Mike1973 - about 1 month ago
kcdiaz - about 1 month ago
Vicky is lovely, a very "girl next door" look..... I say that, but if she was next door I'd spend most of my time in the yard just to catch a glimpse.
Moose - about 1 month ago
Yea Vicky very nice smooth creamy white skin and one hot body with nice tits
fre302 - about 1 month ago
This shoot is perfect! Vicky is so very sexxxy.
Bobby Peru - about 1 month ago
I think some of the stuff from should be in a gallery somewhere.. I mean if we have people paying to see bananas duct taped to a board then come on. This guy is picasso. You are one of the few I envy in life!!! keep up the amazing work.. youve got me hooked for life here bud
yeetown - about 1 month ago
beau début sur ce site, très cute vicky,j'aimerais bien un nue intégral.
dela - about 1 month ago
thats one hot girl
happyboy - about 1 month ago
Ripe.....I mean girl next door ripe. Look at those soft natural titties and the shot of her standing in the doorway with her back to the camera in that black outfit really shows a fantastic shape and long legs leading up to wonderland..... Prime Grade A quimm.
rockhopper29 - about 1 month ago
I am awestruck by her natural beauty; she reminds me of Natalie Austin, whom I'll never forget.
warrscog - about 1 month ago
Her armpits killed me. I’m obsessed
Anonno - about 1 month ago
Thanks for the pantyhose!!
ratboy - about 1 month ago
"Knickers under pantyhose"? Zack are you British?
Mondochiwan - about 1 month ago
Welcome Vicky! Look forward to seeing more of you!
room199 - about 1 month ago
billmurraythebatman - about 1 month ago
Very nice, indeed
asphaltcowboy - about 1 month ago
Ms.Chandler is a very beautiful and captivating young lady. Great find for Zishy. Please have her back soon.
rollo - about 1 month ago
Vicky is the perfect amount of curvy! And her lack of shyness in showing us dirty old men what we wanted to see while still teasing - bravo!!
Wildbrit - about 1 month ago
My new favorite girl. So cute and so hot at the same time!
Otis - about 1 month ago
my faith in Zishy is restored, this is alone worth the price of admission. I will be subscribing again.
fatboyfudd - about 1 month ago
Wow, she's gorgeous, well done in finding her.
Subarucrazy - about 1 month ago
beauty still exit in this world , thanks for finding them zack! come back vicky.
cybcar - about 1 month ago
She's a HOTTIE!
Grumpy0308 - about 1 month ago