Marie Boitte Stop And Think
added on Dec 26, 2019
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I like when I see thank-yous in the user comments. No no no, not towards me, but when the appreciation is directed at the model. Marie Boitte, just like all the women on here, has risked her reputation for our entertainment. People could see these photos, judge her, and proclaim that she has lost some value as a person. Every single family member of hers could view these photos. And they could exist online until the end of human civilization. Talk about some brave-ass women. And talk about some weak-ass, out-of-touch haters who can't accept reality. The reality that each of us is here because two people were horny and decided to fuck. So help me out this coming year. If you are reading this and have not subscribed, please strongly consider it. I really like paying these women as much as I can to endure society's hypocritical bullshit. Thanks.
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Marie is exquisitely beautiful, I hope to see more of her. I really enjoy sets like this that are mostly tease, but have just a little bit of nudity done in the way you've done in this set.
musicisfree91 - 4 days ago
More of Marie please!
room199 - 14 days ago
JohnnyR - 19 days ago
70 :)
bootbuckle10 - 22 days ago
. . . just beautiful
greywolf - 23 days ago
Remarkable beauty - and, those eyes...
jackstraw - 23 days ago
What a beautiful woman! Thank you Marie!
Minjanohawk - 23 days ago
Because almost no one wants to have a family member naked online in exchange for money. Because at some level we all believe that they are selling their bodies for quick monetary gains at the risk of future humiliation. Last week I went to see Kanye West preform a Christmas play themed Opera at Lincoln Center. Tickets cost more than I used to make in 2 days of work. I think half the audience was there to be in the same room as Kim Kardashians family. What if Kim listened to all the judgments and never listened to her family and never launched a reality show? What if she decided to chase hardcore porn and isolated herself from her family in embarrassment? The reality is we don’t know the situations surrounding their decisions. And life is too long and beautiful to condemn simply not having clothes on. I do hope that somehow one day people in a photo would have automatic equity in perpetuity. Zach, if you can continue to slowly disassociate our caveman-lust from beautiful women you are tremendously helping heal an entire generation of men who are programmed to treat women as sexual objects apart from being human being with personalities and feelings. I have stopped watching hardcore porn because of this site and I am a happier person because of it.
Novi88 - 24 days ago
Zack your commentary is appropriate. I agree with your sentiments. I for one will choose in the future to only make positive comments. Negative remarks are an indication of a small mind and server no purpose.
rockhopper29 - 24 days ago
Yes! Beautiful! I, for one am very thankful to all the beautiful women, including Marie, who are willing to expose themselves physically and emotionally to share their beauty with the world! We’re lucky to be able to enjoy it!
FGThreethree - 25 days ago
wow... she's so pretty
boxcar - 25 days ago
very cute and brave girl
zaxes1234 - 25 days ago
Absolutely beautiful!!!! I’m so glad to see Marie again! Please come back soon!
billmurraythebatman - 25 days ago
Also; Marie is something else with her long, lean look and naturally beautiful face.
Moose - 25 days ago
Agreed with your statement. While models get paid (who knows how much), the contract is usually not in their favor as far as any ownership of the image. Many in various genres of the industry are not treated well to say the least. They are sharing themselves with us and while the admiration can be an ego boost, the other side of it is a huge creep factor, which is a risk. This site is good at allowing the women to express themselves in a flirty, unpressured way, and they seem to blossom when allowed to have fun and have that fun captured on film (pixels anyway). Keep up the good work!
Moose - 25 days ago
Wow this women is gorgeous!! and the women before this one and before that one etc.I don't know how you're able to find and get these women to do what they do, but your camera talent and creative backgrounds is amazing.Your subscription fee is very worth it particularly for an old guy like me on a budget..I'd like to say thank you to all the women here I support your web site no problemo!!
fre302 - 26 days ago
What an exquisite girl
Mondochiwan - 26 days ago
I have been following you for a long time, and of course you have all my support in your proposal, I like your work and the treatment you make of the models and of course ... thanks to them that without their collaboration a part of this world would be more detestable so again thanks to you and them and you will continue to have my support
Talon - 26 days ago
Marie is beautiful. I agree 100% with bowfinger. Thank you Marie for gracing the pages of this site.
mrkimhere - 26 days ago
I continue to be very happy with your work, and ability to let women like this come out of their shell. I wish I had some of your magic.
Rickzilla - 26 days ago
Reality is without makeup. Personally I love to see women make up free, just sun-kissed. I want to see imperfections from the get go. I love the freckles, the zit pits, moles, crooked teeth. Tired of over madeup women. Women for the most part want you too look past the goodies and look inside them and connect on that level before you connect on the physical.
bowfinger - 26 days ago
Impressive job on an amazing woman. Thank you !
Sovereign - 26 days ago
I'm really happy to see Marie here again. I saw a lot of beautiful women in France, but there's something extra spectacular about her. Marie is one of the most amazing French beauties I've ever seen. I love her smile and all of the interesting poses throughout the gallery. Also, as usual, really awesome to see all those foot shots. Hopefully Marie will model a lot more. She's perfect.
edgarallanpoe - 26 days ago
Zach- please just keep doing what you're doing. This has been the only "porn" site I've paid for for years.Sure, I wish that from time to time you would let things be a more revealing - or maybe have the models interact a bit more with themselves or each other - but I get that this is your deal and this is what makes you happy. Thanks again fo giving us a glimpse into this world...
maxdelsmart - 26 days ago