Alejandra Cobos White Sands 3
added on Nov 27, 2019
Alejandra Cobos White Sands 3 - 1
Some people look at my work and think that I am exploiting young women. Maybe there is some salesmanship involved, but I would also be guilty of that if I was a priest or scholar. We all have to sell ourselves as having value in this world. My pitch is simple. Beautiful woman, Alejandra Cobos, you were given the gift of health and sexuality, and I, the artist, know how to paint a picture with them. A picture that will bring wonder and joy to hearts around the world. Your dignity can not be lost to a picture. It is much too strong for that. And what good are talents if we do not share them?
Alejandra Cobos White Sands 3 - 2
Alejandra Cobos White Sands 3 - 3
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Aybarand : She needs to be an FTV girl, she's amazing. 8 months ago
moopieb72 : SEXY AF! 8 months ago
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TymePeace4U : When we are beheld by such beauty, we can thank God. 8 months ago
JoeZ : Great stuff. Good write-up BTW. Cool subtle differences between #27 & #28. Have a good Thanksgiving Zach. 8 months ago
Ison13 : What a sweetheart. Gorgeous. <3 8 months ago
ftgrl980 : The anticipation and excitement for this set was so worth it. Alejandra looks incredible naked, is sexy as fuck, and has an amazing ass along with equally amazing tits 8 months ago
FrenchJack : Trop belle pour être vraie ! C'est un mirage au milieu du désert ! 8 months ago
jagster99 : Thanks be to God for the sun, the sky, the earth and the pure white sands that brought Alejandra into our hearts forever. 8 months ago
rollo : Great finish to this "trilogy". Ms. Cobos is definitely one of the best models in the history of Zishy. Please have her back soon. 8 months ago
fbfanatic : Major props to the photographer. Really nice work indeed. I might sound greedy, but could we please have more of this striking model? Alejandra simply has a natural hotness and beauty that cannot be hidden or suppressed. 8 months ago
ericpault : You have the best videos ever! And the slow motion-wow! 8 months ago
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