Alejandra Cobos White Sands 2
added on Nov 23, 2019
Alejandra Cobos White Sands 2 - 1
Alejandra Cobos returns with part 2 of our trip to White Sands, New Mexico. Days this magical require some divine intervention. We thought it would be too cold for anything revealing outdoors this late in the year, but the Sun God was on our side. This heroines's journey continues in part 3 coming on Thanksgiving Day. With a bonus video. And without undergarments.
Alejandra Cobos White Sands 2 - 2
Alejandra Cobos White Sands 2 - 3
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Alejandra Cobos White Sands 2 - 4
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Her tits are truly a thing of beauty
recessesofmymind - about 1 month ago
so i downloaded all three parts, but accidentally put parts 1 and 2 in the same folder without realizing they have overlapping photo numbers. my computer organizes weirdly, but the resulting slideshow mix turned out really cool! so hot to have this model fully clothed in one photo, then increasingly nude, the back and forth actually worked for this shoot. really beautiful model, i'll be reupping my membership for 2020!
indianskier - 3 months ago
I comment 2 or 3 times a year and Alejandra is worth every word we give her. Just a stunning, near-perfect beauty, slyly sexy and set against White Sands ........ very inspired Zach, and how she's grown in front of the camera since the first time she reluctantly took off her top in the car way back when. Love her, would love to know her, hear her voice .... one of your masterpieces, Zach.
DKX55 - 3 months ago
Jesus christ
Minjanohawk - 3 months ago
Phew, that last shot, so delicious looking. Thanks Alejandra!
marceire - 3 months ago
Amazing body amazing girl
Sniffer - 3 months ago
mden15 - 3 months ago
Bobby Peru - 3 months ago
Stunning beauty, lovely smile, looking forward to pt 3, thank you.
lonic123 - 3 months ago
Finally her update, and I gotta say.... hot. Damn.
Elcachorro - 3 months ago
Immaculate beauty!
daverbee - 3 months ago
What a indian beautiful girl!!!!!
Sergio Berto - 3 months ago
one of the best photo shoots on this site. her skin tone against the white sand, fantastic !!!. this girl is absolutely beautiful.
happyboy - 3 months ago
What a stunner! <3
Ison13 - 3 months ago
I am sure the SJW's will have a field day with the feather in her hair! Give it a rest. She is really beautiful.
bowfinger - 3 months ago
I guess subscribers have been waiting patiently (or not) like me for follow-ups to Alejandra's last set. She's very beautiful and sexy. Just a lovely model....At least we don't have to wait much longer for the next one.
fbfanatic - 3 months ago
Always a pleasure!
room199 - 3 months ago
Ginolova - 3 months ago
I knew part two would be worth the wait. She is amazing!
rollo - 3 months ago
Yea good idea. The video would have been too much on my blood pressure probably lol I’m still trying to breathe after seeing this.
Anonno - 3 months ago
moopieb72 - 3 months ago
holy crap this girl is perfection
Diablo7 - 3 months ago
Amazing shoot
b20sedan - 3 months ago
Wow!! what a body what a face she's a beauty from another world
fre302 - 3 months ago
Personel favourite
maddy - 3 months ago
Yes!! I was hoping for more Alejandra! <3
lucidion - 3 months ago
Love this girl
hubbahubba - 3 months ago