Wendy Patton Serious Red Flags
added on Nov 18, 2019
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The penultimate update of Wendy Patton is here. I will probably add a bonus video to it tomorrow. So check back. Wendy is an inspiration. Like all of us, she's been through trauma. She never described it clearly to me, but I could tell she has been through personal battles. Beauty like hers is as often as much a curse as it is a blessing. Just the same, Wendy maintains a wide innocent smile and a vigor for new experiences. Who wants an easy life anyways?
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Bonus Video Clip

Thanks Wendy this is one of the best videos you made, come back with more
cybcar - 5 days ago
-Damn What a commentary.Sad to see lovely lil angels like Wendy go through foolishness of insecure men and jealous women,etc. cause who are we kidding here its those types who are the most VILE and Dangerous women it comes to behavioral health;there usually violent,argumentative, manipulative and very deceptive.allow me to be VERY CLEAR;i'm NOT venting off on Mental / Behavioral Health as a WHOLE.i'm talking about TOXIC PEOPLE.those same People we ZISHY members & Users of the internet all known,seen these types around.There are JUST SO TOXIC,Emotional Parasitic Drain on you Aura and Spirit. I Feel Her Pain;I Really Do. Hopefully her fame on ZISHY & Other ventures, dealings on the internet hasn't come afoul and awakened a rift with people she's close to in her personal life(family,friends,Bf's,Etc) Truly wanna to see more of her she's one of the Top Models here,such a naturally beautiful young lady.God Speed Wendy. thanx Zack.
LickingVickyVoss - 12 days ago
moopieb72 - 14 days ago
zack video was awesome, Wendy could be SI model. Keep up the good work!
cybcar - 15 days ago
Christ almighty, those naked dance moves!
room199 - 16 days ago
I love that belly in #17 <3
non3 - 16 days ago
#57; so beautiful.
Moose - 17 days ago
Wendy is one of my favorites here. Love the shots of her laughing.
Moose - 17 days ago
Damn she's really fucking cute
Minjanohawk - 17 days ago
Wendy's long legs must be handled with care when in the act of love. Although she can do a very wide spread eagle, her skin is so soft it bruises easily.
rockhopper29 - 17 days ago
Wendy's so fine. <3
Ison13 - 17 days ago
As good as it gets!
njlock - 17 days ago
One of the prettiest red head women Ive ever seen
fre302 - 18 days ago
Classic shots, stellar set. She's beautiful. I think there are more sets of Wendy than anyone else on Zishy; if not, it's close. Point is, she could have a hundred more sets and I don't think I'd get tired of seeing her. Wendy's "energy" in her photos is really something special. Good job.
JoeZ - 18 days ago
She is something else indeed
Bombtrack - 18 days ago
Zishy come for the redheads, stay for the redheads.
franklinespinoza84 - 18 days ago
Wendy is a very beautiful young lady and I am sure she is a wonderful person overall. Her updates have been very much appreciated and she will surely be missed by us all. Good luck in all your future experiences, Wendy. We all wish you the best.
rollo - 19 days ago
Just before people start being sad, we still have one more update of Wendy to look foward to. Penultimate means second to last.
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched - 19 days ago
blanc - 19 days ago
Going out with a homerun. I'm glad that Wendy was with us for so long and I'm going to miss her greatly. I know her future is bright and hope everything she wants in life comes to her. Thank you for so many awesome galleries, Wendy.
edgarallanpoe - 19 days ago
Was Wendy finally accepted as a Nun?
bowfinger - 19 days ago
return of the Legend here...she looks outstanding as usual.
Diablo7 - 19 days ago
YEAH! beautiful WENDY is back, im going to wait till after work, to watch this set. LOVE U WENDY!
cybcar - 19 days ago
Such a great set and yet is starts with terrible news… for us.
Sovereign - 19 days ago
Always sooooooo gorgeous! Please keep photographing Wendy! She's such a unique beauty.
damsel - 19 days ago
What? Penultimate!? Noooooo
frecklehunter - 19 days ago
Always amazing!
Random - 19 days ago