Jia Lissa Russians Love Tea
added on Nov 04, 2019
Jia Lissa Russians Love Tea - 1
Tea is great. I don't know if it will have the same effect that you see here on all Russian women, but then again, all Russian women are not Jia Lissa. As soon as she opened the door, I knew I was in for an endurance race. Jia's energy is seemingly boundless. She throws magic at a photographer until they tap out. Luckily for us, I have put in my road work this season.
Jia Lissa Russians Love Tea - 2
Jia Lissa Russians Love Tea - 3
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very pleasant set of pictures. . .beautiful young lady. . . a real hot teaser
greywolf - 3 months ago
vraiment très belle , j'adore son corps. Pour son portfolio, indexxx.com. A voir.
dela - 3 months ago
I want to eat her all up
Minjanohawk - 3 months ago
moopieb72 - 3 months ago
Beautiful and playful. Stunning model!
Henrie - 3 months ago
Shame she is dangling a teabag in a couple of pics. Spoilt the photos.
fieldlist - 4 months ago
Alright now guys. I want you to look at Pic 31....just take a few minutes to take it all in and ponder the prospect of slapping, squeezing and licking that glorious piece of perfection. Nice work Zack V.
rockhopper29 - 4 months ago
@Swpeters32 Jokes on you, she is a porn star.
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched - 4 months ago
Incredibly beauiful. Redheads are amazing!
maestro9 - 4 months ago
Not a huge fan but way better than all the porn stars lately.
Swpeters32 - 4 months ago
she loves to have her picture taken. you can tell.
happyboy - 4 months ago
Nice teasey-sexy set. Jia lookin' gorgeous.
Ison13 - 4 months ago
shs's stunning. Good call on #79, #80 and going close for #81.
JoeZ - 4 months ago
Anonno - 4 months ago
You should also try Sabrina Lynn again, saw something of her in see through lingerie / in a shower with wet white shirt where solid side nip can be seen recently, maybe she's going back to more adventurous.
cr445671 - 4 months ago
Off topic but speaking of redheads I vote more Wendy Patton, also Gianna van Patten. Those two and Sabrina Lynn are the ones who've gotten me to pay I think all but once. Which you know 'hooray 10$!' but I figure there's prob more that've done the same.
cr445671 - 4 months ago
Very awesome. I love redheads and Jia is among the best. Really fun energy behind the camera and such a beautiful smile. I love all the ass and feet shots as well.
edgarallanpoe - 4 months ago
Anybody wanna fill her cup? LOL!
princefan79 - 4 months ago
Let the "my cup of tea" comments commence
Mic_virus - 4 months ago
damsel - 4 months ago
smokin hot
Diablo7 - 4 months ago
Magnificent, more more more, please!
Rubbl3z - 4 months ago
Very beautiful and sexy lady. Great to see her again.
rollo - 4 months ago
at all sexy readhead with an ass to die for ! just wow
njlock - 4 months ago
Very sexy set. Jia is beautiful.
Moose - 4 months ago
That girl is absolute perfection.
Otis - 4 months ago
Her hair and skin so beautiful what a body great poses and background I love tea too
fre302 - 4 months ago
Holly cow! Will there be a third edition that could top this?
Dutch66 - 4 months ago
I wanna put a baby inside her. #fuckafirstdate
Momothedon - 4 months ago