Wynona Gibbs On Texas Feminism
added on Oct 19, 2019
Wynona Gibbs On Texas Feminism - 1
Wynona Gibbs was referred to me by a previous model that I have worked with. Her friend knew that Wynona had something special to give Zishy. Boy, was she right. Wynona has the look and the energy that I seek out on a daily basis. Her small-town Texas upbringing instilled a pleasantness that jaded city-folk, like me, do not often understand. Be patient, be nice? Fuck. What do you think, I'm a moron?
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I think it's time for some more Wynona!!! Please!!!!
lucidion - 3 days ago
Seems to be a very sexual woman. I like the kiss pic #34 and good fitting jeans. Panty close ups were hot.
R4COLLINS - about 1 month ago
Okay, Zach...we've waited long enough--time to produce more Wynona pix!!!
Ffej55 - about 1 month ago
Gorgeous women and the fact that she remained fully clothed for the first 48 images only made the set all the more sexy. 77 & 81 in particular are great shots. Re: her fingernails - I don't think they're dirty, I think the polish is just chipped off. I appreciate that this is a casual, natural appearance. I thought that was kind of the point of Zishy?
recessesofmymind - 2 months ago
Cant wait to see more so sexy
Momothedon - 4 months ago
SORRY but i have to AGREE with Member:Henrie; i find dirty fingernails.a HUGE Turn Off 4Me Also.Otherwiese though she's a delicate flower. Enjoy her long legs(huge fan of LEGS btw).what i don't get though is your TOES a really NICE,Polished but your finger nails took a wrong turn ? and before we recieve an White Knighting feedback from other members. remember.wether you want to believe this OR NOT.Zack is a Professional.this doesn't have to be MET-Art/Femjoy/Errrotica,etc,etc. This is natural professional photography in all of its GRACEFULNESS. so i say that to say this: your asked to be apart of Amaterish Style Professional Photoshoot,your going to be ON THE INTERNET{meaning others will see you including family,Bf's,Gf's,etc}most of it is clothed but there's also Semi-Nude-Full Nude shoots. you want to present yourself in the best of way possible. soo when it comes down to it;you HAVE DIRTY FINGER NAILS ??? huh ? i don't get that one. and its a case of either 1 or the other.pressed for time;and just went with the flow of things or this tells us about your personality.which i hope this is the 1st one and NOT the latter. can't explain it; you usually see this in a Lot more in younger women too.BUT that doesn't leave out Mature females either. anyway everyone enjoy.
LickingVickyVoss - 4 months ago
Very sexy lips, and my god what an ass in those jeans!! One of the best lately for sure
Kiwidude - 4 months ago
I need more!
lucidion - 4 months ago
Love Wynona. I was drawn to the site by her. I hope there will be a lot more of her!
merky - 4 months ago
How you find these gorgeous women amazes me, you must be a stud!!!
fre302 - 4 months ago
Wow! So BEAUTIFUL! Those curves, Those eyes and the sexiest lips! More Wynona please!
Bobby Peru - 4 months ago
Really hot... more soon please.
lonic123 - 4 months ago
Amazing Beauty, unbelievable!!!
fre302 - 4 months ago
You don't have enough stars.
ifd474 - 4 months ago
fatboyfudd - 4 months ago
Pic 90 is solid proof that Texas girls have a wide range of intellectual interests.
rockhopper29 - 4 months ago
happyboy - 4 months ago
Wow what a body! More of Wynona please!
room199 - 4 months ago
just wow
wyldeone - 4 months ago
Beautiful 3000
Drkdom - 4 months ago
TymePeace4U - 4 months ago
Phenomenal !!!
tagsu3 - 4 months ago
A hottie
njlock - 4 months ago
85 keeps me alive <3
jayzord - 4 months ago
Damn she's foxy af
Minjanohawk - 4 months ago
As a denim fetishist, I am loving this!!!
Ffej55 - 4 months ago
She's out of this world... Full nude ahead?
non3 - 4 months ago
Picture 81 which had so much promise, but I simply couldn't get passed the dirty fingernails. :(
Henrie - 4 months ago
moopieb72 - 4 months ago
Suckable breasts. First horizontal pic.... love it. She’s beautiful
mden15 - 4 months ago