Desiree Jacobsen Once Upon A Time
added on Sep 26, 2019
Desiree Jacobsen Once Upon A Time - 1
The street photos were taken by a contributor who discovered Desiree Jacobsen in Los Angeles. Immediately, I could tell that her beauty and free spirit would be great for Zishy. I had two requirements of Desiree, she must remain unshaven and she must remove the metal shit from her nose. I'm hip but I'm not that hip. Plus that sort of thing triggers memories from when I was abducted and probed by those beings. Long story, another time.
Desiree Jacobsen Once Upon A Time - 2
Desiree Jacobsen Once Upon A Time - 3
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She looks amazing in red dress pics starting at 35, I am in awe.
R4COLLINS - about 1 month ago
Three things. 1) She's fucking sexy. 2) You're crazy. That septum piercing is hot as hell. 3) That bush almost made me bust without me even touching myself.
recessesofmymind - 2 months ago
I’d give her five stars based on that beautiful ass alone, but the rest of her is beautiful too!!
FGThreethree - 2 months ago
Love the street and parking garage images. Great light and posing. Some of the best pure photography I have seen on your site.
rational_man - 4 months ago
She reminds me of the actress from, "13 reasons why" - Alisha Boe.
jdog - 4 months ago
imagine being that butthurt over a piercing on a porn site. LMAO
Naughty Mystic - 5 months ago
Very sexy woman, love the bush, hate the nose ring... more soon please.
lonic123 - 5 months ago
And some people actually don't know why chocolate is so addictive.
rockhopper29 - 5 months ago
Excellent very pretty, nice body she's got it going on
fre302 - 5 months ago
Caitlin is always fun in bed
misohorny - 5 months ago
God forbid anyone have piercings with some of you. I've never brought it up before but you people need to stfu about it. Ffs. That aside, great set! She's lovely
Minjanohawk - 5 months ago
beautiful girl . . . no metal on the Body for me. . . . but the bush is high five
greywolf - 5 months ago
Beautiful woman! Love her bush.
Moose - 5 months ago
WOW !!! she is a hottie. nice set of pic's good call on no metal in the nose. never like nose rings.
happyboy - 5 months ago
at least she doesn't have massive holes in her ear lobes. Metalwork I"ve seen much worse (metal balls down the backbone ?? eek)
PatrynXX - 5 months ago
ATF model on the site, double stars
Ragnar2014 - 5 months ago
Well done for getting the metalwork removed. I've never understood why pretty girls want to deface themselves in this way....
Soufflet - 5 months ago
Goddamn that’s a magic carpet
LeatherSoSoft - 5 months ago
Great find! Love to see more of this woman, naked!
bowfinger - 5 months ago
Gorgeous girl. Love the septum piercing.
richmond83 - 5 months ago
I feel a desire for Desiree and L.A. California dreaming. She's a beauty!
fre302 - 5 months ago
Those nips, 10 out'a 10
Robyngoodfello - 5 months ago
Estoy con perrochileno-weon, ella es una maravilla.
waydownsouth - 5 months ago
Great set. Drop the nose ring; you're much prettier.
pat2705 - 5 months ago
I wasnt really feeling the first half of the set... then she took that metal shit from her nose and BAM!! She became like, 95% more attractive! Opinions vary and that is just mine, she has an amazing body and super sexy bush.
Hornytxn - 5 months ago
Beautiful set.
sad144 - 5 months ago
Great set of Desiree! As far as I’m concerned, she can keep the metal shit in her nose, nothing wrong with it!
room199 - 5 months ago
Fantastic I adore the full underarms and bush!
RTD1 - 5 months ago
What a piece of perfection.
perrochileno - 5 months ago