Helen Bergstrom Holy Guacamole
added on Sep 19, 2019
Helen Bergstrom Holy Guacamole - 1
Helen Bergstrom wanted tacos and beer. Paco's Tacos was either really good, we were incredibly hungry, or I was too smitten with Helen to have anything but a positive experience. The eatery is small and we were constantly on the verge of being busted. Helen wore a thin cotton jumpsuit with only God's gifts under and her excitement easily showed. She was as fascinated as I was by how her body was reacting to the adventure. Oh Modelo, your new ad campaign awaits you!
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Helen Bergstrom Holy Guacamole - 3
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Yes, by all means, I'll have an ice cold Modelo with a twist of nipple.
rockhopper29 - 14 days ago
Stff - 25 days ago
I completely agree w/ mden15
JoeZ - 26 days ago
I barely read these comments obviously here for the photos. However, from time to time, I enjoy the humor. Now it’s just annoying because people have been crying like little babies.... maybe we could crest a blog site for people to whine so I can go back to enjoying the humor comments....
mden15 - 27 days ago
Anyone else notice that lately it takes longer to get new updates than it used to?
rollo - 27 days ago
sweet and sweeter
happyboy - 28 days ago
This isn't worth paying for anymore
Vadge - 28 days ago
I like her a lot, so I'm very disappointed. Hope you'll do better with her next time !!!
polo64 - 28 days ago
Sexy, sexy girl! Love the smell when a girl works up one of those intoxicating lusty sweats.
bowfinger - 29 days ago
No doubt, Helen is another true hit at zishy! She is my number one girl, beside Lola Arburg - it's a draw, perhaps?! (A common photoset by these beauties would be sooo nice!) I don't quite understand the connection between a petite, light skinned, blue eyed, blonde girl and that Mexican surroundings, but charming indeed! Miss Bergstrom not just desirably beautiful, she's teasingly playful, and immersively vivid too! Pretty tasty and adorable set! (Favorite pics: 24, 36, 43, 38 what a butt, man!) More Helen, if you please! Thank you!
Amorph73 - 29 days ago
Tacos and beer! Yum! (And such beautiful red hair!)
damsel - 29 days ago
Gorgeous! 11/10
Minjanohawk - 29 days ago
moopieb72 - 30 days ago
Helen's back, good times! <3
Ison13 - 30 days ago
So hot, seeing her "reaction" to the moment. I want my 20's back; had no idea this went on when I was younger. Helen's great, looks like a fun person. Good job on conveying it.
JoeZ - 30 days ago
Very beautiful woman. She looks perfect to me.
rollo - 30 days ago
Pretty face, thick ass, perfect tits, what's not to love? Five stars from me.
JIII - 30 days ago