Kayla Linchek Fruit By The Foot
added on Sep 10, 2019
Kayla Linchek Fruit By The Foot - 1
Even though Kayla Linchek is an adult, has a job, drives her own car, she still had to sneak me into her room on a Sunday morning so that we could take these pictures. Kayla lives with her older brother and says that he would kill us both if he found out. He was asleep just down the hall. Between you and I, I think danger excites this young woman. If your art does not have any danger in it, I am not interested.
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Kayla Linchek Fruit By The Foot - 3
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vraiment très belle et sexy cette fille, elle a un très beau derrière, j aimerais voir sa vulve de près.Son corps ressemble a aria sky et stella gramen, il manque seulement des photos de ses grandes et petites lèvres . Les photos de la vulve de Stella et aria sont dans ma collection. Elles sont sur ftvgirls, ce site est merveilleux, a voir absolument.
dela - 3 months ago
She needs to jump into hardcore porn!
TorranceEric - 4 months ago
Stunning woman, and her best set yet. Can't wait for her next one!
damsel - 4 months ago
What a bunch of bullshit comments, geeezzzzz fellas lighten up. The girl has the fine ass and the pigtails serve a very utilitarian purpose as a bridle for riding doggy style. Yes.
rockhopper29 - 5 months ago
more Kayla, fantastic beauty!
rmontague - 5 months ago
Love these shots. Love the angles. I think I might be in love with the subject. Yowza
Minjanohawk - 5 months ago
My favoritest of my favorites lol
JIII - 5 months ago
good job. I'm sure the "sneak-in" visit to her room is a hard thing to convey. I think it's a GREAT premise and a cool situation to be in. With all respect, I just don't see that nervous "we're gonna get caught" look in her face; just my two cents. I like the peek under the shirt. It's something right there all day but seldomly seen by most of us in real life. And I like your low light stuff w/ the candle. Nice work man.
JoeZ - 5 months ago
I think these sets here at Zishy are great.Some people only look at the surface and never think about the current. These are great short stories in photographs and models can take it as far as they want to. People are hyperventilating over nothing. I enjoy the teasing views and the other views as well :) For the price Zach charges, really? People are complaining? I am a "boomer" and have seen everything. Zach is a bit of fresh air in the nakety, photography side. Not to hot, not to cold.
bowfinger - 5 months ago
- people; need to stop being afraid of NUDITY,i'm NOT talking about sex,screwing(f**king).Just Universe Developed Human Beings in the order of things Plain O'Nudity.There's nothing wrong with it.We're BORN Naked,we LEAVE this place we DIE Naked....FACTS!! - as for Kayla Linchek; i'd suspect with these pics,it speaks large VOLUMES on her views of NUDITY,Sex.Mr.Zack Venice doesn't promote Nudity,or Sexual Proclivities on his models(some many NOT agree)but he doesn't.Showing skin is 1 thing,Sex is another.and Kayla appears comfortable in her dare i say it her own SKIN being displayed across ZISY on the WORLD WIDE WEB of all places.her brother better full understand she's not dealing with his shyt no more.judging by what zack wrote to us.if you have to sneak about that tells me there's a problem.hopefully he'll come around and they'll repair any damages to the brother / sister relationship if there's any.otherwise he's gotta accept her decision making about her lifestyle choices.........
LickingVickyVoss - 5 months ago
-sheez man. she's a GROWN-ASS-WOMAN.and before anyone says anything;YES i have sisters a couple of them.let just say this: as a MAN; and a BROTHER.You cannot tell a WOMAN what,Who,Where,Why,How to do with her body,sexual or otherwise.It'll just cause a Rift between the bother of you and whatever " balanced " relationship you've had with her unstable,Untrustworthy,and make her feel like abandonment.Which is WHAT you don't want to do with your SISTER.You don't have to agree with her life choices but its still her LIFE not yours.I Say this from speaking through experience(s) having sisters,cousins and various friends who gone through several trials & tribulations with there sisters.We All want our sisters to stay LITTLE GIRLS in our Mind / POV.But Inevitably reality doesn't work that way and OUR SISTERS grow up to become WOMEN and we MUST LEARN / EDUCATE / ACCEPT that's the TRUTH. Especially for those of us who've had to " Act as The Father Figure " role in our sisters lives; its VERY Extremely hard to cope,handle with.But you HAVE TO accept that she's NOT your DAUGHTER and she's NOT your property she's an individual human being with her own thoughts,wants,needs,desires,etc. Just learn to understand & accept this as you both grow older as adults. - Happy Halloween -
LickingVickyVoss - 5 months ago
Fatboyfudd, you are here for artistic or intellectual growth?? Smh
Zach Venice - 5 months ago
Who is the true winner here? Its Zach. These are terrible pics, and I have seen no artistic or intellectual growth from the Artist/Photog for a long time. And yet, he still gets my money. Why? The pics subject matter is able to cover a multitude of artistic "sins" by the Photographer. Dudes like looking at pretty girls, so there will be no shortage of viewers, no matter the undesirable skills of the artist.
fatboyfudd - 5 months ago
What a cutie!, nice tight little bod, sweet smile. gotta see some more!
bowfinger - 5 months ago
Very nice, so young and sexy
fre302 - 5 months ago
moopieb72 - 5 months ago
Kayla <3
Ison13 - 5 months ago
@waydownsouth, that’s not how we do that. It’s “MOAR!!”
mden15 - 5 months ago
Yes please, more of her.
waydownsouth - 5 months ago
Very beautiful Kayla. Excellent work obviously....
persianj - 5 months ago
Diablo7 - 5 months ago
Kayla has a spectacular ass
ftgrl980 - 5 months ago
A vid would have been more than welcome. Great set!
pat2705 - 5 months ago
She's sensational!
Muzampa - 5 months ago
Hmm.. moist.
jdog - 5 months ago
With that amazing body and adorable "girl next door" face, I would let her talk me into any dangerous situation
Hornytxn - 5 months ago
Great to see a new set from Kayla. She's definitely one of Zishy's best. Very beautiful young lady.
rollo - 5 months ago
room199 - 5 months ago