Neda Marie and Racist Tweets
added on Aug 26, 2019
Neda Marie and Racist Tweets - 1
I remember when racism was real. When you could get accused of stealing some guy's wallet just because your skin was the darkest in the room. Now you are racist if you go as James Brown for Halloween. I don't get it. People have to constantly walk on eggshells in America. These days you might offend someone by how you brush your teeth. Screw that. How about we reserve the label 'Nazi' for those wearing red armbands? How about we shuffle our victim card towards the back of the deck? Withholding it for the most deserving of occasions. Neda Marie has dark skin and nappy hair and I like it.
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i do wish the photos were higher quality
huhgnoohc - 9 days ago
Love the beautiful girl, scratching my head a wee little bit at the text commentary. I love this site's photos and vids, but could do without the wandering opinions.
essentra - 9 days ago
Pictures are great but the text is physically painful in its stupidity. Imagine thinking Fox News boomer philosophy was insightful. Glad we have you on the pulse of what constitutes as legitimately racist in America.
nwilzo - 12 days ago
Love the set, but reading that BS text I'm done with this site.
magickal82 - 14 days ago
great pictures! yikes @ text...
theorcinatutu - 15 days ago
Sorry You’re * not that good (Couldn’t edit the comment bc this comment section is garbo)
ashmad3937 - 19 days ago
Yo you are a lame your copy is garbage and I’m not giving you anymore of my bread. Your not that good of a photographer. You consistently have shitty lighting and your direction is poor leaving chicks in awkward and unnatural poses. Colors are garbage and not once have you done anything on film. For whatever reason chicks are willing to let you take picture of them kinda naked and you write bogus little stories. You’ve been doing this for so long for you to still have such an amateurish style. If this shit looked better I’d let you slide with your tone deaf babbling but you’re garbage. Also this comment section is trash. Develop this site better for mobile.
ashmad3937 - 19 days ago
One of the best Zishy sets ever. Both the picture gallery and the video are AAA. Keep up the good work!
non3 - 20 days ago
You're right. Racism still exists. Duh. But the whole idea of race is an idiotic one. The topic is so polarized and convoluted that no progress is being made. Demonizing each other is counterproductive. It seems better to approach cultural differences with humor. This reality is awkward for everyone. When someone is shooting at your kids, denying you opportunity, locking you up in cages ... that is when we should all unite against injustice. For lesser bullshit, let's try and give each other a pass and a chance to grow.
Zach Venice - 21 days ago
Neda Marie... speechless. M-m-more... p-p-please.
JMan27 - 21 days ago
Neda in the shower then an oil rubdown and on to the bed! (Howls) What a scenario. Despite the lovely scenery all around, racism is very real right here and now. Comments on this site are mostly ignorant,however,ignorance will allow racism to rule.
princefan79 - 21 days ago
Dude, I come hear for good photography and beautiful women. Don't fuck it up with politics, especially given your clearly weak understanding of race and sociology. If that becomes a habit I will stop giving you my money.
Anon - 21 days ago
great set just stay away from politics. They never mix. One thing I love about photography is one doesn't get into politics and then well someone did smh
PatrynXX - 21 days ago
Neda is absolutely stunning in this set.
happyboy - 21 days ago
The joke is on all of you; Zack is African American
fatboyfudd - 22 days ago
God dammit why does Zach have to ruin a perfectly great gallery with his half-boiled views on racism? Times like this remind you that no matter how talented the artist/photographer? They're very capable of complete and utter ignorance.
blackrod89 - 22 days ago
Neda you are a beautiful Nubian Goddess, Thank You for posing on this sitE!
scotterbug - 22 days ago
You have balls man ignore these perpetually offended people.
lastoftheV8 - 23 days ago
No serious person thinks you yourself are racist for dressing as James Brown. You seem to think the loudest voices on Twitter (on the left or right) represent typical people, and they don't. Should a white person dress as James Brown? Sure, as long as they don't wear blackface, because blackface is a symbol of historical racism. It's not racist to wear it in ignorance, but it is ignorant. Also, re: Nazis: not all of them wear armbands. Lots of them still exist, though. They literally tell us that they're Nazis, and many of them appeared in a march in Charlottesville a few years ago. Remember that? Remember the person who died because a literal Nazi killed her? I'm going to hope that you'll be open-minded enough to see that your viewpoint isn't universal. You should ask some black and Jewish friends to read your post and tell you their thoughts. If you do that and post again with an update that you've heard from other people who experience racism differently than you do, I'll stay a subscriber. Otherwise, I'm done giving you money.
bobbenson112 - 23 days ago
The only person who may or may not be offended by the term "nappy hair" in this specific instance is Neda, and I'm going to assume Zach checked with Neda before posting. The rest of you need to adult up and stop being offended on behalf of someone else. This is why we still have problems today. As a model, Neda is quite an attractive woman but doesn't float my boat on a personal level - that's life.
DarthSync - 23 days ago
jimjimmers - 23 days ago
Love to see more of her. She is amazing
Mike1973 - 23 days ago
There are literal Nazis in America today. They are holding rallies and love the president. Nazi is not hyperbole.
jimjimmers - 23 days ago
Nice. you got something for everyone
fre302 - 23 days ago
I get what you mean,got to be careful thanks for that,take a deep breath, sigh...anyways.....Lovely lady ebony and ivory, she's hot. You've got some very sexy beautiful black women on this site too its always a pleasure,Thank you
fre302 - 23 days ago
Why don’t you ask Neda if racism is real.
superjoe - 23 days ago
She is heart stopping! More, please!
daverbee - 23 days ago
Beautiful lady. Hope to see much more of her again soon.
biged72 - 23 days ago
Damn you keep pulling out these titties with large beautiful areolas. Wow she's great!
ratboy - 23 days ago
Zach, you take great photos, but you're wrong about racism and won't be getting any more of my money. I hope you wake up to the reality someday.
nonamenik - 23 days ago
Beautiful woman with absolutely fantastic nipples, wow. Your story text is off base, racism is and has been a long stain on this country from the beginning. The current Moron-in-chief is doing everything his diminished mind can conjure up to divide our country. As a vet, I am justified in calling him the foul-mouthed, spoiled brat bully, draft dodging coward he is. Impeach the SOB.
rockhopper29 - 23 days ago
There are still racists out there, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was even 50 years ago. The world has come a long way, but it doesn't help when people throw phrases like "white privilege" around and basically accuse everyone of being racist for the slightest little thing; all that does it perpetrate the problem and inflame an issue that, up until 3-5 years ago, was being rectified. The constant spotlight from the media has actually made things worse, not better. When someone like Zach gives his honest takes and the liberals jump all over him, that doesn't help. Hot girl by the way; would like to see more of her.
johnsiv - 23 days ago
Most of my life, the vast majority of my black friends have been from Africa or the Caribbean, or elsewhere in South America. There are no preconditions when you befriend a black person from outside of the United States. There is no guilt complex thrown at you, its just honestly a friendship.
bowfinger - 23 days ago
Zack, you're right unfortunately, you don't get it.
waydownsouth - 23 days ago
Tasty! <3
Ison13 - 23 days ago
Stick to photography. No one needs the crazy rants before the pictures.
Grif13 - 23 days ago
That intro copy is a grandpa-on-facebook level shit take
only_a_test - 23 days ago
Well we know he's not trying to be malicious with using nappy, so I'm not sweating it.
ZishFlips79 - 23 days ago
Your comments are the definition of white privilege. For the last 50 years, the institutionalize and covert racism are the most damaging.
sad144 - 23 days ago
Calling this girls hair nappy. Suck my nappy cock. That's the first hair.
Cbas0123 - 23 days ago
You are such a douche bag
Cbas0123 - 23 days ago
woooo that's some serious hot chocolate right there
Diablo7 - 23 days ago
Try saying those words to this model, see how she responds. Racism isn't just explicit like slavery.
jimjimmers - 23 days ago
Racism still very real. Your rant is pretty offensive. There are real Nazis reemerging all over the place.
jimjimmers - 23 days ago
Zach what the fuck
rogerpackinrod - 24 days ago
Dangerous curves.
lonic123 - 24 days ago
Un grand merci pour ce changement juste magnifique amicalement
The Brain - 24 days ago
Awesome pics! She’s a beauty!
Nissandude - 24 days ago
This is a weird place to argue with strangers
TaboriHK - 24 days ago
Dark chocolate cutie. Perfection.
amn119 - 24 days ago
Zach, good job. I like the contrast in the bath towel sequence w/ the gray walls. You make her look great. Same w/ the overhead sequence in bed. I read the race comments multiple times from you and the three subscribers thus far. Really everybody has valid points (without summing them up here). And I think the waters were muddied by even bringing up race in the first place. I know none of you, but I think we'd all agree that the more important take-away is that even though the girls here on Zishy come in every shape, size, color, etc. they look like a million bucks when photographed here. And for that we're grateful to Zach for putting all this together, which is no easy feat.
JoeZ - 24 days ago
I agree that the copy in the description is wrong and confusing. I am not sure the point you are trying to make or who you are trying to defend or call out but I wish every time you had a black woman on this site you didn't feel some need to wade into comments about race. For the record, many black people also see the use of the term nappy to refer to their hair as racist.
oeilflaneur - 24 days ago
She's fucking heart-stopping
Minjanohawk - 24 days ago
I’ve been a member for a while but have never commented. Lovely model, great photos, 100% wrong take in the copy. Racism is real, and getting more real by the day. It’s not Up to you to “get it”. There are nazis and they’re proudly wearing their armbands, and have the ear of our president. I’d be curious to know what Neda would make of your commentary.
Randomize - 24 days ago
Glad we're seeing more of Neda. She's a natural beauty.
edgarallanpoe - 24 days ago
Samurai25 - 24 days ago
Goddess. #65 is just amazing!
fmj1987 - 24 days ago
Nothing less than delicious. Insanely hot!
rchangel - 24 days ago