Petrine Krahlove Zishy Lessons
added on Aug 24, 2019
Petrine Krahlove Zishy Lessons - 1
Tomas has been a Zishy subscriber for years. He was inspired to invest into some professional camera gear and start taking photos. He hit me up with pics of a redhead beauty named Petrine Krahlove. Do you think she's good enough for Zishy? Yeah, man. Petrine is into skiing and heavy metal music. I would love to see her headbang with that tremendous hair. Good find and good shooting, T-bone. I hope you stick with it.
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Awesome pics, she is gorgeous beyond words! Long beautiful red hair, perfect freckle ratio, phenomenal pair of milk white breasts and lovely pink areolas
Hornytxn - 17 days ago
Absolutely beautiful! Fantastic model, fantastic shots, therefore: fantastic post! Along with the rest, would love to see more from her and Tomas! You know it when you see it, Zach!
JMan27 - 25 days ago
I hope there is more coming
happyboy - 25 days ago
When do we get a video as part of her shoot ? cant wait
njlock - 27 days ago
As good as it gets. For a redhead lover with freckles and pink nipples, there is none better. A few pictures makes one forget the daily grind of life and instead enjoy the beauty it has to offer though out of reach makes it bitter sweet. Would love to see more of her. Thanks!
njlock - 27 days ago
It makes us realise that because of Hollywood's obsession with 'bottle blonds' we've forgotten just how sensual golden hair and pale skin can be, thank you Tomas for reminding us and thanks for those beautiful standing poses in natural light. If there is to be another set, and we all seem to be willing it, if you find a secluded location by a river, give Petrine a flowing robe and shot in natural light she'll look like she's straight out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting. Hope that's not too presumptuous, it was just a thought that occurred to me, and the other thought that occurred to me was; If she has golden pubic hair, its just too beautiful to be shaved off. Sorry to go all highbrow on you Guys, but you might like the results.
G B Shaw - 27 days ago
Outstanding model and photos, more soon please.
lonic123 - 27 days ago
Definitely eye candy! Beautiful long red hair across creamy white skin and sexy body is so nice.
fre302 - 28 days ago
Breathtaking, would love to see more!
rdeastland - 28 days ago
I Love Redhead !!!
FrenchJack - 28 days ago
Wow, she's amazing! I would love to see a lot more.
extrafrd - 28 days ago
Good job Tomas!
bowfinger - 29 days ago
moopieb72 - 29 days ago
Beautiful breasts.
Traveler77 - 29 days ago
Hey I agree, he has maintained the high Zishy photo quality. Glad to see it. Pretty redhead, my favorite color.
rockhopper29 - 30 days ago
Wooo, she knocked me over, what a beauty.
Moose - 30 days ago
She is more than good enough. More of her, please!
voyeur13 - 30 days ago
Gorgeous hair and body!
SW2019 - about 1 month ago
He did an amazing job! Beautiful woman. Excellent shots!
r3d4c7ed - about 1 month ago
Oh HELL Yea!!! She's stunning! Congrats to the photographer who did a great job. I hope this is the first of many more Petrine sets!
grv1961 - about 1 month ago
oh my god yessssss..... there's no such thing as too much redhead hotness
Diablo7 - about 1 month ago
wonderful girl. her breasts are shockingly amazing!
Munk - about 1 month ago
Thank you guys for nice comments)
Tomas - about 1 month ago
Good enough? Hells yes.
dave35 - about 1 month ago
The ability to inspire people. zishy is doing it and it's a rare gift. Whatever the photographer is doing,Zishy better bring her back. Red, and freckles whats not to love :O a fav
PatrynXX - about 1 month ago
Love. Those. Redheads!
Otis - about 1 month ago
Amazing set. Gorgeous woman! Definitely can’t wait to see more of her.
Rickehhhh - about 1 month ago
Petrine's beautiful, so fine. Well done T-Bone!
Ison13 - about 1 month ago
oh... my... Petříně is the most beautiful woman on this planet! Please may she stop shaving for a week or two and you photograph her then, au naturale :D PLEASE.....
damsel - about 1 month ago
Christ almighty, what a perfect redhead! More of Petrine please!
room199 - about 1 month ago
Marvellous, wonderfull, ginger girls are the best !
smith2 - about 1 month ago
wow.....i love redheads and freckles
samsung0807 - about 1 month ago
Amazing woman! I really can't wait to see more of her.
rollo - about 1 month ago