Barbie Qu Ground Nero
added on Aug 17, 2019
Barbie Qu Ground Nero - 1
And I'm back in NYC, celebrating the beauty of Barbie Qu. This city is awful and amazing at the same time. If divisive forces are looking for a place where the world comes together to attack, The City is the perfect target. It feels like everyone is represented here. Especially, the rats. You better love humanity, with all of its flaws, if you're going to live in New York. I prefer a bit more personal space, so I'll take her in small doses.
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EggPlant99 : I wonder how old is she? about 1 year ago
Ozymadia : Barbie i love you so much over 1 year ago
Tantrum : OMG! That Purple?... She's amazing! over 1 year ago
grey97x : she is such an angel over 1 year ago
interested_user : I have that space heater! #ADDGang over 1 year ago
deadrocker : LickingVickyVoss yo please shut up already. We get you're extremely insecure but no need to make continuous asinine comments about women's bodies. You sound like a boomer over 1 year ago
happyboy : that is one hot looking girl. over 1 year ago
Munk : these breasts are so perfect, this is what doctors are trying to recreate in breasts jobs. immaculate. over 1 year ago
Grif13 : My favorite! over 1 year ago
LickingVickyVoss : - THANKS FOR REPRESENTING NYC Zack; awesome man Barbie Qu has is just what can i say. Wow. She has the PERFECT BOSOMS on a woman EVER, Breasts AREN'T floppy,Sloppy,Saggy,Pancake Areola's Nothing Weird or Brusises or Marks just NOTHING but Soft Palpable Au' Naturale Fleshy Pillows. Pinch'em Squeeze'em Nipples.No Ridiculous Overzealous Amount of Tattoos all over them just her pure Snow Cream Fleshy Natural Pillows Resting on Top Of Her Torso as the day she was born. Bless Her Heart. Love Me Some Barbie Qu. Wish'd There Was MORE SETS OF HER Zack. PLEASE, Please Give Us Our Natural Beauty. over 1 year ago
Minjanohawk : On fiiiiiiiiiiiiire over 1 year ago
misohorny : chung lee with no booty over 1 year ago
Grumpy0308 : Barbie is sexy, I hope you have more of her.. over 1 year ago
Ffej55 : I just love her name!!! Cool shoot, too! over 1 year ago
frecklehunter : More Barbie please over 1 year ago
moopieb72 : JFC. MORE. STAT. over 1 year ago
rollo : She's my favorite Barbie doll. over 1 year ago
mden15 : She definitely can hide those tits.... over 1 year ago
streetcar55 : Looks like she may have gotten a little thicker! Definitely not complaining over 1 year ago
Otis : God, I love that girl. over 1 year ago
edgarallanpoe : Big Barbie fan. She's definitely worth a trip to NYC. She has a stunning presence in these photos. Lovely breasts and smile. As always, thanks for the awesome feet shots. over 1 year ago
Nightshift : How hot is that vinyl lettering on that truck! over 1 year ago
room199 : How hot is Barbie! over 1 year ago