Giana Van Patten Cheezin It
added on Aug 12, 2019
Giana Van Patten Cheezin It - 1
Giana Van Patten took me with her to run an errand. She needed a snack, she needed a smoke. I documented the whole adventure. Try to imagine how much pain I must feel when I walk in a city and see so many beautiful women that I would want to photograph in perverse ways, but simply can't. They can't all be Gianas. God bless the Internet.
Giana Van Patten Cheezin It - 2
Giana Van Patten Cheezin It - 3
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party on party girl!
cybcar - about 1 month ago
She's a cutie! Love the dimples in the small of her back.
Tantrum - 4 months ago
A little more tame from her other sets, but it's Giana, so it's still incredible. Her eyes make me melt.
recessesofmymind - 5 months ago
More Please!!!
TymePeace4U - 6 months ago
Ledmun keep your antismoking lecture on Facebook
Minjanohawk - 6 months ago
Beautiful! Great belly button. I like belly buttons. You know that, but do you ever do belly button close-ups? No. Well, I love this site anyway. : )
Smarmy - 6 months ago
To bad she smokes. I can already see the damage to her beautiful face. I hope this comment helps her with the worst addiction in the world. As I photographer, she is strikingly beautiful
Ledmun - 6 months ago
Oh my gosh. Beautiful woman. Great photographs. One of your best shoots.
456456a - 6 months ago
Please can we expect a part 2 please
LeatherSoSoft - 6 months ago
when do we GET an update of this Tall Slim Beauty ? Jus Love Her Cute Personality In These Photos Zack Keep The Hits Cumming Bro.........
LickingVickyVoss - 6 months ago
Totally Agree w/ Phorsythia, the headshots are terrific. #19 centered up is really strong. You both should be proud of 'em.
JoeZ - 7 months ago
She looks as great in clothes as out of them. The camera really likes her. Those facial shots at 17-20 are terrific. Still I’m as shallow as the next guy—next update WITHOUT the clothes?
Phorsythia - 7 months ago
Giana is an eternal smokeshow.
Minjanohawk - 7 months ago
more of thisone
worley - 7 months ago
Very sexy
fre302 - 7 months ago
The structure of the report presage a continuation behind one of those doors, we will see
Talon - 7 months ago
love those back dimples so sexy
wyldeone - 7 months ago
moopieb72 - 7 months ago
Welcome back!
Hege - 7 months ago
Nice to see Giana again!
room199 - 7 months ago
Hands down my favorite model on this site! PLEASE keep shooting her!!
streetcar55 - 7 months ago