Fawn Richfield Power Makes Stupid
added on Aug 10, 2019
Fawn Richfield Power Makes Stupid - 1
Today I have decided to take this site to the next level. No more worthless artistic integrity. I only have one goal now: to pursue the mighty dollar. I deserve an estate like that which belongs to Fawn Richfield's family. Money might not make me happy, but it will make me powerful and power makes me hard. So what's the difference? From now on, you will be entertained by the most refined ass in the most polished Bentleys here at Zishy. You may not be able to relate, but you will be able to envy. We are going Sizzler up in this motherfucker. Be ready.
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macdaddyaz : So deliciously beautiful!!!! about 1 year ago
Tantrum : Her eyes, them thighs, that cute smile and that gorgeous red hair! Perfect! over 1 year ago
holdmenowandforever : Absolutely stunning thighs!!! Could spend eternity staring at those! Especially when her dress is hiked up and I can see her cute underwear! over 1 year ago
LickingVickyVoss : too funny. this is AS CLOSE as it'll be to some guys will ever GET TO " Rich Pussy " in there life !!! Ha Lol!! Awesome Zack,Thanks She's Got Great Ass.Pretty Toes.Nice Pinkly Tits.Pretty Baby Blues and she's a Lil Thick. All In All not to bad at all.heck if / when she gains weight she'll pay for her diet !! over 1 year ago
LickingVickyVoss : -GREAT SET,Great Portfolio Zack! lets BE REAL here;you come from money soooo WHY POSE ON ZISHY? uhh I get it.Rich Girl Rebelliousness or Wild Streak ? Either Way we the " Members " win.Keeping things on point; girls like this are LOADED with issues because of their family problems NO i don't mean family problems like WE HAVE. family problems(i.e. RICH FAMILY PROBLEMS).I'm speaking from experience(s) here guys.it Ain't NICE or EASY. its just more of a fuckn un-needed migraine when your life WAS so calm & quiet.Ohh for the guys who say WHO CARES they're LOADED.That's my Gf/S.O. she's got my back / i'm going to get PAID !!! Ha HA HA......yeeeeeeah right!! you keep on thinking that way lil man you'll find out sooner then later. FACT: family's who create money / generate wealth ONLY-GIVE-A-FUC-ABOUT-THERE-FAMILY-ONLY.Its not going to be like the cute blonde who's dad bailed you OUTTA jail for speeding / doing typical DUMB GUY shyt that we do. IT Doesn't work that way with them. LIVE & LEARN, EDUCATE YOURSELVES. - GOD SPEED over 1 year ago
maestro9 : Lovely place, lovely lady. over 1 year ago
njlock : Absolutely amazing ...a video would have made it a perfect 10 shoot over 1 year ago
rockhopper29 : Indeed...... she certainly knows the value of her ass sets.................and delectable nipples. over 1 year ago
moopieb72 : Cute. over 1 year ago
bowfinger : She looks a little HIGH lol. Money can't buy genetics..yet. over 1 year ago
fre302 : Wow the rich settings does make a difference. over 1 year ago
billmurraythebatman : She is HEAVEN. I hope we see a LOT more of her! over 1 year ago
daverbee : Wasn't she on Awesome Asses of the Rich and Famous once? over 1 year ago
happyboy : what a great body! over 1 year ago
confit73 : She’s a queen and should be addressed as such. Meanwhile, we await further instructions, your highness. over 1 year ago
jdog : Future sugar momma over 1 year ago
JoeZ : Ditto everyone so far over 1 year ago
johnsiv : Another great set of Fawn. Let's hope we see even more of her. over 1 year ago
cybcar : nice tits over 1 year ago
macdaddyaz : She’s the perfect girl! over 1 year ago
JMan27 : Fawn returns! Zach... you continue to make me a happy subscriber! I salute you sir and continue to enjoy your work! Fawn is it! 30-35??! [bites knuckles] over 1 year ago
Minjanohawk : Nothing sexier than a naughty rich girl. over 1 year ago
kakashi07 : nice! over 1 year ago