Dita Vetone Crab Slappers 2
added on Jul 16, 2019
Dita Vetone Crab Slappers 2 - 1
If you don't think you can do something, then you can't. I always held onto the belief that I would work again with Dita Vetone. We went to Indian Rocks beach near Tampa. There was no parking and we were in a crunch for time, the sun was quickly setting. We parked in some poor bastard's private parking spot and hoped for the best. We caught the sun, we rolled in the bleached sand, we got the shots. Dita has this half-bitchy, half-playful attitude that is lovely, half the time. With peaks this high, there are bound to be some valleys. Once we returned to the red bug, there was an angry note on the window from a deeply offended resident. Sorry, baby. I'm in show business and this show must go on.
Dita Vetone Crab Slappers 2 - 2
Dita Vetone Crab Slappers 2 - 3
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brunaascari : for me the ideal Zishy girl 5 months ago
polo64 : Vandrusalem ? You must be a Palestinian I assume. LOL "With peaks this high, there are bound to be some valleys" this one made me laugh man ! So true. about 1 year ago
Vandrusalem : I’m here for Dita. I wish she would has more galleries about 1 year ago
R4COLLINS : Awesome display, thanks over 1 year ago
dela : J'aimerais bien un nue intégrale de cette fille, elle a vraiment des belles formes. over 1 year ago
zarpzi88 : In cred ible. I adore her natural beauty sexy as hell figure. Great red one-piece video. I echo the calls for more of lovely Dita. Please. over 1 year ago
billmurraythebatman : Unbelievably beautiful!!!!! almost 2 years ago
Spencer : I gotta see a topless shot! almost 2 years ago
Add_Dress18 : Amazing. Can you give her a salary and bring her on as a full-time employee? almost 2 years ago
Phorsythia : I’m reposting because Dita Vetone is just amazing. So much beauty in one woman. My heart goes pitter patter every single time I look at her photos... almost 2 years ago
hubbahubba : wow what a woman; more more more almost 2 years ago
piotrunio33 : I AM here only for dita as well almost 2 years ago
Tjd21 : We need so much more of this girl. The only reason why i signed up for this site! More soon dita! almost 2 years ago
TDTD3232 : K, the video was amazing almost 2 years ago
Otis : She has the loveliest face. almost 2 years ago
mrgpicasso : Amazing woman almost 2 years ago
derletztelover : Absolute top 10 on this site almost 2 years ago
bowfinger : Gotta be a part 3..please G O D ..LOL almost 2 years ago
jerrybob : Think the first set was better slightly disappointed with this one but can’t say she’s not gorgeous almost 2 years ago
shitburg : more dita please almost 2 years ago
tastyburger45 : I am so blown away damn almost 2 years ago
rockhopper29 : any volunteers to help brush off sand. almost 2 years ago
moopieb72 : Need more please. almost 2 years ago
TDTD3232 : Having missed your comment about the video, I now await the video. almost 2 years ago
TDTD3232 : As someone who grew up with Baywatch, I hope you were able to get video of her running while looking into the camera like CJ does during the intro. If not, I'm willing to forgive you. (At least you, unlike that movie that shall not be named, went with the iconic red one-piece.) That said, if you didn't get video of her doing her CJ impersonation, will you? almost 2 years ago
Ison13 : Baywatch flashbacks. Love the curves! almost 2 years ago
Jajar : My heart literally stopped when I saw you had put up new photos of Dita. Genuinely the most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes on. I was actually disappointed when I saw the picture of the sunset. almost 2 years ago
Moose : Damn! I was at that beach; just terrible timing on my part. almost 2 years ago
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