Sera Rossini In New Age Italy
added on Jul 09, 2019
Sera Rossini In New Age Italy - 1
Mitia, our Italian contributor, sent me some test photos of Sera Rossini a while back. Her regular job is as an acrobatic performer onstage, in front of a crowd. Like so many, Sera is comfortable showing off her body, but it did take time for her to decide to show it off for the Internet. Sera leans towards a rather natural lifestyle. She rarely wears makeup or heels, and keeps away from the vapid world of social media. Nonetheless, I felt the need to implore Mitia to show diverse sides of this eccentric knockout. You can enjoy her in nature, barefoot in yoga pants. Or enjoy her dolled-up in an urban setting. Ciao.
Sera Rossini In New Age Italy - 2
Sera Rossini In New Age Italy - 3
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whynot112 : Lovely body lines, nice ink. Encore! 8 months ago
slriggib : Sera is absolutely stunning. This set merely scratched the surface of her true beauty.I hope the next shoot does her justice. 9 months ago
CheechWiz : Donna Milaneze,, che Bella 11 months ago
JuanL29 : Please, more of this beautiful woman, ASAP!! over 1 year ago
macdaddyaz : the most perfect woman on this site!!!! over 1 year ago
recessesofmymind : The second-half of the set in the blue dress is miles ahead of the first half. over 1 year ago
lonic123 : pic 46 - do a shoot with the lady in the white dress for some up-skirt action ! over 1 year ago
wonka808 : Love to see these ladies in dresses and heels! Looks like two missed opportunities behind her. over 1 year ago
JIII : I have ED but these pics still made my cock hard lol over 1 year ago
rockhopper29 : Pic 22 shows this babe has been pumping a little iron. Look at those guns.... the rest of her arsenal is petty powerful as well.... those tits, legs, ass and lips. Let's get it on. over 1 year ago
macdaddyaz : She’s absolutely lovely!!! I would be in heaven if I was beside her!! over 1 year ago
happyboy : Super sexy over 1 year ago
njlock : Awesome ! I want to see her apple bottom in all it’s glory over 1 year ago
barnicules : I just Love Her!! Looks amazing in that blue dress over 1 year ago
stevewest : Great!!!!!!!!! Now I want to move to Italy. over 1 year ago
edgarallanpoe : There's always something special about an Italian beauty. over 1 year ago
room199 : Gorgeous! Love to see more of Sera! over 1 year ago
JoeZ : Great job, Mitia. The seated glance-away shot on the subway w/ the similar reflection opposite her is brilliant. It's like a simpler version of herself. The rest is obviously really nice, you make her look like a million bucks! over 1 year ago
biged72 : Beautiful lady. Hope to see more of her very,very soon. over 1 year ago
moopieb72 : Nice. over 1 year ago
Taffy Lewis : Wonderful! Love to get on a trampoline with you, Sera. over 1 year ago