Dita Vetone Crab Slappers I
added on Jul 04, 2019
Dita Vetone Crab Slappers I - 1
Happy Fourth. Dita Vetone is super picky about the food she eats, but she humored me and tasted a chunk of fried alligator tail from my plate. To me, the gator was fantastic. But what the hell do I know? I was sitting there, half love-drunk with the exceptional creature across the table. She might not show it all, but she will still floor your jaw. Stay tuned for part two.
Dita Vetone Crab Slappers I - 2
Dita Vetone Crab Slappers I - 3
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So busty and what an arse
rower1 - 4 months ago
Strong girl-next-door vibes.
recessesofmymind - 5 months ago
Everyday I log on to zishy with the hope of seeing more of Dita. She is really too beautiful.
Jajar - 6 months ago
More than perfect :)
Shaman - 6 months ago
She's pretty amazing. I was waiting a long time for this set. I hope I don't have to wait as long for part 2!
Add_Dress18 - 8 months ago
she showed more in her last set...sigh. cant wait to see those all naturals
njlock - 8 months ago
i agree with moopieb72. Its time to set them free.
happyboy - 8 months ago
More plz!!!
Tjd21 - 8 months ago
Dita. Today is a very good day.
Jajar - 8 months ago
Love those brown eyes at no. 34. Beautiful woman, great photos
Phorsythia - 8 months ago
She seems like a great teaser, hope we get some famous Zishy bikini shots eventually.
bowfinger - 8 months ago
Dita Vetone is DELIGHTFUL! ...in Soviet Florida, the alligator eats you.
Ffej55 - 8 months ago
moopieb72 - 8 months ago
Tease is fun for a while, but those tits are a must see.
DanPlainview - 8 months ago
if in part 2 there won't be boobs i will be dissapointed.
piotrunio33 - 8 months ago
Here's a thought: can we have part 2 right frickin' now?
damsel - 8 months ago
pretty titty
fatboyfudd - 8 months ago
Great smile.
lonic123 - 8 months ago
Jeff Bra has my vote!
z4co - 8 months ago
Amazing, beautiful young woman. Please don’t make us wait long for part 2.
rollo - 8 months ago
Love her look. Looking forward to her taking out those big boobs.
TDTD3232 - 8 months ago
Christ I can’t wait for part 2!
room199 - 8 months ago
Need a few topless pix to make perfect
Spencer - 8 months ago
Nice curves!
Ison13 - 8 months ago
Can't wait for the next one! Hopefully soon? See you later alligator!
gojo885 - 8 months ago