Wendy Patton in Used-to-be-Mexico
added on Jun 25, 2019
Wendy Patton in Used-to-be-Mexico - 1
Some asshole told me that this land used to be Mexico, and before that, something else. Come on, guy. I popped out of a vagina on this side of the river. Therefore, I have earned the right to keep you and your hungry children out. Stop ruining my zen vibes. For those that are humorless, please Bing 'sarcasm'. One of Carlin's great jokes, "They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." I thought it would be hard to convince Wendy Patton to undress completely and walk around in the baking desert. But Wendy likes to prove me wrong. We have a peculiar relationship.
Wendy Patton in Used-to-be-Mexico - 2
Wendy Patton in Used-to-be-Mexico - 3
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I'm back 'cos she's back.
Dave - 10 days ago
MORE WENDY PLEASE, SHE's like a glass of cool water you can't get enough of on HOT DAY.
cybcar - 15 days ago
"Oversensitive" doesn't mean anything. It's a bad title because it just causes arguments instead of focusing on the model.
MRLadyLooker - 15 days ago
I like the set and also like the captions. However, my best is the mexican money I paid to freely c*m over both.
Karransagirl - 15 days ago
This girl is always stunning, but there's just something about this gallery and video that are breathtaking. Perhaps it's that we are so used to the slow reveal (or even no reveal), that one of such reckless and playful nudity is a wonderful change of pace.
renoguy78 - 17 days ago
Zach is clearly using sarcasm to point out how arbitrary it is to hate people for being born on the other side of a made up line, and furthers it by pointing out those that are indifferent to the issue because it makes them feel bad. He even telegraphs the point with the mention of using not-Google to look up the word sarcasm.
renoguy78 - 17 days ago
not sure if people stopped reading the caption or if they are just oversensitive?
Naughty Mystic - 18 days ago
Keep your comments clean, guys. You are not proving anything by calling him a MFer or Dude! Historian Charles A. Coulombe: "What if a group of Mexicans came and settled in Alabama, and falsely converted to the Southern Baptist religion, falsely swore allegiance to the U.S. (i.e., committed perjury), and then repaid our welcoming generosity by attacking certain civilian centers, then taking the state over and proclaiming independence? Would they have had a moral right to do such? No, of course not. Would we not send in our army to take the state back? Yes, we would and we would be in the right. Well, this is exactly the situation Mexico was in with the Texan Rebels." (Cf. Puritan's Progress, vol. 2, pp. 148-149).
MRLadyLooker - 19 days ago
Most beautiful Model ive Ever Seen!!!! Its ok if u Post only Sets from her!!!!! :) can Look her the whole day!!!!
Lalle - 20 days ago
stunning set, beautiful body , hair and ....
rmontague - 20 days ago
Good lawd! Absolutely incredible
ire333 - 20 days ago
To fair Pierre, Zach had to add the sarcasm bit afterwards. I thought if you didn't get it before, the Carlin quote was actually a dead giveaway that he was being sarcastic.
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched - 20 days ago
i love puffy nipples ;) This girl is so sexy.
happyboy - 20 days ago
Great gallery, always love seeing Wendy! As for the negativity, it quite literally says sarcasm in it you twats. Just enjoy the beauty that is shared with us, life is better when you don’t look for the negative.
Pierre52 - 20 days ago
every_breath24 he is being sarcastic... and anyone else who has a problem with what he says, well let him say it, he brings us these babes, we owe him a lot. Thank you sir.
darebul - 20 days ago
Hey you stupid motherfucker... stick to shooting hot chicks and cut out your wanna be political horse shit. There’s enough fucked up shit happening to little kids in the world without you opening your motherfucking mouth about it on this website like it’s cool or something. I paid you money to see hot chicks, not to hear you brag about being lucky enough to be born on the right side of a goddamn border, as if your bitch ass had anything to do with it.
Elcachorro - 20 days ago
I would say learn sarcasm, but I'm not sure if that is a practical suggestion for some.
Zach Venice - 20 days ago
So are you racist or just inhumane to bash hungry people and children? Asking for myself. You got my $30 a month ago. I won't be renewing, no matter how wonderful the women are on this site, I'll be Goddamned if I support racism or bigotry.
Clerk593 - 20 days ago
redhead, tall, freckles, puffy nipples, plump ass....what more can a man ask for ! phew . rated 5 stars
njlock - 20 days ago
Dude. You're shooting naked women for a living and complaining about kids in cages ruining your Zen vibe? Dude. You clearly came out of an ass and things haven't changed. And Carlin would totally tell you so.
every_breath24 - 20 days ago
Moose - 21 days ago
American beauty, love that red hair! She says how she feels,I like that spunkiness. I love this country.
fre302 - 21 days ago
Joe, pretty sure that's obvious sarcasm. Who knows though, world's a weird place.
naturalflavored - 21 days ago
I could never see too many pictures of this girl.
Otis - 21 days ago
Wow, beautiful Wendy naked in nature. This is one of my favorite galleries you've done. She's an adventurous redhead and I'm always happy to see her posted. Really cute start before the strip and awesome ass pics.
edgarallanpoe - 21 days ago
WENDY has made my day, SEXY LADY
cybcar - 21 days ago
Wendy was sexy to begin with and has gotten even sexier over the years
ftgrl980 - 21 days ago
Sexy AF!
moopieb72 - 21 days ago
Those puffs are great. Love the shape. I would cause a lot of pain to those breasts.
mden15 - 21 days ago
Wendy's so hot! Love those puffies. :P
Ison13 - 21 days ago
Very lovely, beautiful, and sexy young woman. Glad to see her back and better than ever.
rollo - 21 days ago
one thing I try to steer clear of and photos don't usually meander to.. is politics... Now on this side of Mexico she's looking fine..
PatrynXX - 21 days ago
Just WOW!
Grezry - 21 days ago
That does it - I have seen the most stunning woman in the most beautiful photo shoot in the world. Now what can I do with my life? :-O
damsel - 21 days ago
Fucked up caption. Not going to be giving you any more of my money.
JoeShaltbonk - 21 days ago
Great set, stunning beauty, shame no red bush.
lonic123 - 21 days ago
Yay Wendy!
Ragnar2014 - 21 days ago