Barbie Qu Crushing It
added on May 20, 2019
Barbie Qu Crushing It - 1
For the last few months, I have been using a Huawei phone. This Chinese brand pushes more units than Apple, but there is still a good chance that you have not heard of them. My battery life is incredible, but my screen cracked because I thought I was a cowboy and didn't need a protective case. Anyways, try not to fear all of the Chinese. Fear anyone who seeks power over other human beings. This type of person could be very close to you. They could even be using your toothbrush. Barbie Qu is a rare gem chasing dreams in NYC.
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Bonus Video Clip

Hěn piàoliang.
HaMerooba - 3 months ago
That's Ten-Day interval by Tortoise. TNT is an awesome album, and this is a gtreat set.
Gers4Life - 6 months ago
The dark shots with the light from the lamp look stunning.
recessesofmymind - 7 months ago
more photo set please!!
bird - 9 months ago
She looks like the GND, so pretty. Moar models like this. Especially of the Asian Persuasion.
mcjjr19 - 9 months ago
SoShy - 9 months ago
She is perfect. My favorite here.
joinc - 9 months ago
Huawei outstanding specs and now Android dropped them. :( ZTE one one other are alright but not the specs, any phone spies. Except Blackberry's which are mostly gone now I think. Still a beaut. Love Asians
PatrynXX - 9 months ago
Zack my dude. you've done it again; now let me just say this : i;'ve never had the chance ot " Bed " with an Asian / Asian American Female. boy i would like to taste those sweet tangerines of the far eastern variety if you get my meaning ? i've heard VERY GREAT Things about " Some NOT ALL " Asian Women. Barbie Qu, is Exactly the Type ( Body,Looks,Skin Tone,Personality,Etc ) if i only i could man. if only !! Thanks Zack. Hey. Can You Post / Locate / Scout MORE Asian female models JUST Like her in The Near Future PLEASE !!
LickingVickyVoss - 9 months ago
She is so cute and hot!!
Climactic - 9 months ago
Ahhhhhh those nipples are so succulent. They need a workout.
rockhopper29 - 9 months ago
Asian girls are so hot
happyboy - 9 months ago
Really nice work ! Thank you Barbie for being so beautiful ;)
Sovereign - 9 months ago
Thank you Barbs you are beautiful!!!
xxxhhhhrrr - 9 months ago
Barbie is lovely and gorgeous! Eligible to join my soft harem any time she wants ;)
Wildbrit - 9 months ago
ftgrl980 - 9 months ago
Glad she came back
blushrts - 9 months ago
Absolutely stunningly sexy. Easy fave.
Minjanohawk - 9 months ago
Gorgeous girl, fantastic set.
Otis - 9 months ago
Ugh she's gorgeous
streetcar55 - 9 months ago
moopieb72 - 9 months ago
She's very sexy.Who would think asian girls would look so good?
fre302 - 9 months ago
I've been hoping this beauty would get a few solo galleries. Thanks a bunch, Zach. And thanks Barbie for being such a great model.
edgarallanpoe - 9 months ago