Wanda Ablee Smoking With Patrick
added on May 15, 2019
Wanda Ablee Smoking With Patrick - 1
Wanda Ablee is almost unbelievable. Goddamn, I say this about so many women that I photograph. They really are though. These girls don't even need Snapchat filters. Now that is rare these days. I must give my talent scout a raise. Let me know if the new image-viewing interface is up to snuff. Any feedback or suggestions will be promptly ignored. Peace, bitches.
Wanda Ablee Smoking With Patrick - 2
Wanda Ablee Smoking With Patrick - 3
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Wanda Ablee Smoking With Patrick - 4
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Bonus Video Clip

I love #2! Good set altogether.
Gateway - about 1 month ago
wanda ressemble beaucoup a winter bliss, elle est très cute, belle prise de son entre-jambe.
dela - 2 months ago
Wanda, you are in the position, but no one is there! I wouldn't mind screwing you, don't worry, I'll use a Condom.
MRLadyLooker - 6 months ago
Wanda Ablee is one of the greatest humans alive and this photoset is quantifiable proof of that.
LordHandsome - 7 months ago
I've been viewing your girls for awhile now and have never seen one lick her nipples,,you should feature more of this in the future,
rmontague - 9 months ago
Only you can prevent forest fires.
Johnny Tees - 9 months ago
damn. missed all the arching she's doing in the video :O dripping sexy there
PatrynXX - 10 months ago
would love to go back to the old format. Having to click into the pics more for them to be big enough to see is tough. The less we have to work for it the better :0
delaney1410 - 10 months ago
New format seems fine, but yes, gallery notes belong up top. Fun set!
bammajack73 - 10 months ago
Zach, the gallery comments should go up top (under the gallery title and date) because what you write is almost always well thought out and it adds context to the images. Same layout as what you show to a non-logged on person. Does that make sense?
JoeZ - 10 months ago
The new layout works just fine. It's cool. I just can't stop looking at Wanda. She's so god damn sexy.
Minjanohawk - 10 months ago
no, no, no,................ come on guy. way to skinny. Not up to standard.
rockhopper29 - 10 months ago
First Wanda is a doll—scrumptious to look at, attractively photographed. Second the site changes give me an improved interface. I use a tablet so can scroll through photos more quickly an easily. Nice job
Phorsythia - 10 months ago
I agree moo pie
mden15 - 10 months ago
Perfect tits!
moopieb72 - 10 months ago
interesting GUI but saving photos shrinks it. I save the zip but save certain photos as favs. give me a headache having them shunk and turn off XL view is moot as they are in small and double click is big. So don't hate it, just not quite ready
PatrynXX - 10 months ago
Not a fan of tattoos, but she's doing the world a favor by showing off that amazing pair.
renoguy78 - 10 months ago
willy4u - 10 months ago
She's fucking awesome. Love this lady
Minjanohawk - 10 months ago
johnsiv - 10 months ago
Oh yes! The annual session wirh Wanda is on!
room199 - 10 months ago
Wanda is such a cute treasure. Redheads are the best, honestly. Great smile and great gallery.
edgarallanpoe - 10 months ago
What an epic comeback!
derletztelover - 10 months ago