Gabbie Carter Pier Confetti Pt 2
added on Apr 21, 2019
Gabbie Carter Pier Confetti Pt 2 - 1
Happy Easter. Here is part dos of the lovely Gabbie Carter and our time at the Santa Monica Pier. We did not really go. This all photoshopped. I actually shot the entire gallery at a professional studio with three assistants on-hand. I love to slackline, which is what Gabbie is doing towards the end of the gallery. It takes time to learn and you must fail countless times before any significant success.
Gabbie Carter Pier Confetti Pt 2 - 2
Gabbie Carter Pier Confetti Pt 2 - 3
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Gabbie Carter Pier Confetti Pt 2 - 4
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Bonus HD Video Clip

jabpgh : Holy shit those boobs are perfect 10 days ago
beadmedaddio : Perfect! 5 months ago
cybcar : I love her big fat tities, they really compliment her. over 1 year ago
dela : Elle est très active sur les sites érotiques, très plaisante a voir. over 1 year ago
Minjanohawk : I love her tattoos! They really compliment her almost 2 years ago
larryirun : She is so cute! Just love those gorgeous boobs! Please continue to shoot her!!! almost 2 years ago
mauikolohe : gorgeous. Found a gem almost 2 years ago
Taffy Lewis : She is the sweetest! Definitely a new favorite. almost 2 years ago
Fiersze : dat kid in 35 and 37... almost 2 years ago
fre302 : Awesome,the girl's got it goin on! All the Zishy women are 'hot' in they're own special way. almost 2 years ago
dsg574 : Love this second part! She is amazing, those big/big nips are incredible! Lets hope for part3 almost 2 years ago
moopieb72 : Sexy. almost 2 years ago
Talon : Maybe the last shot of the video is a promise of what's to come, if so, be it soon please almost 2 years ago
PatrynXX : Still loving the light and shadow play on the skin via the sun your capturing :O fantastic job both of you almost 2 years ago
zarpzi88 : New favorite. She makes me quiver. That sweet smile, big naturals w/ great areolas!!! More as soon as you can please! almost 2 years ago
momoneyg08 : Great body but not a fan of the tats almost 2 years ago
Sovereign : What a stunning girl !! Great job out there ! Definitely hoping there is more to come ;) almost 2 years ago
Bonita : Tattoos are not for me !! almost 2 years ago
Bddtws : She’s a porn star... almost 2 years ago
ratboy : Ditto with the areola talk! Her areola are magnificent! almost 2 years ago
macdaddyaz : Her tits and areoles are perfect!!! almost 2 years ago
TDTD3232 : Those areolas... almost 2 years ago
Sharp : Best. easter. ever. almost 2 years ago
rockhopper29 : I would say she has much to offer a young man looking for sexual happiness. almost 2 years ago