Annie Duque Swing A Ling
added on Apr 17, 2019
Annie Duque Swing A Ling - 1
Annie Duque is so irresistible that you could walk into the woods for a few minutes with her, snap a few photos, and sell them for enough money to pay this month's rent. That is what Andy in Colombia did. Annie is even photogenic on a misfire where Annie closes her eyes while the camera's trigger is pushed. That is some powerful beauty.
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slriggib : What A flirt, what A tease ! She's fabulous, luv her spirit but the butt shots get my vote for best assets. about 1 month ago
LickingVickyVoss : one of your TOP all time Sets & Model for your site. just outstanding. and i whole heartly agree with you. a woman that down to earth beautiful; you would be able to afford to pay your rent for the month !! 5 months ago
cybcar : THANKS ANNIE DUQUE, WE NEED MORE OF YOU! 8 months ago
offseasonallstar : I would pay good money to see her take out the trash. 11 months ago
zona : good about 1 year ago
DKX55 : Definitely Hall of Fame, Vishy Top Five if not Top Two. Looks like a helluva fun girl, too, with a brain and some playful tricks to drive the world crazy. And that's the problem: every guy will lust after her and you'll be playing How do I handle this? for eternity. Zach says he hates possessive boyfriends but let's be real, who knows how to handle this kind of thing with class? In any case, wow, just the whole package and that little bit of mystery puts the final touch on her. Colombia #1 in beautiful women of the world? Ukraine? India? I think that's my current order. about 1 year ago
Deangaffney : Great shoot. Would love to see more outdoors shoots with Annie, maybe in boots? about 1 year ago
happyboy : nice.... about 1 year ago
hubbahubba : Wow the most beautiful of all Zishy’s about 1 year ago
Manolov : Hey Zach, is Andy collaborating with you? about 1 year ago
rockhopper29 : Once again, I just love pics of hot women in their panties...... and when one has exceptional titties and nipples it is just that much more of a turn on. Thanks about 1 year ago
jagster99 : Zishy Hall of Fame material here. Yum that ass, I still have stuff to do today and now I think I'm too distracted to do it. about 1 year ago
lonic123 : OMG this women is amazing, perfect body, a smile that lights up the world and still got that "girl next door" vibe going, which is hot as hell. More very soon please, please, please. about 1 year ago
Minjanohawk : If this were dungeons and dragons she'd roll a charisma of 18. about 1 year ago
Humanicus : Can you ask Andy what his camera/lens setup is? That bokeh is glorious. about 1 year ago
Diablo7 : The legs are goddamn perfect. This is LEGENDARY. about 1 year ago
Johnny Tees : Pretty smile and ass. about 1 year ago
moopieb72 : Sexy! about 1 year ago
JoeZ : Hey Zach, the zip file ( has 32 files and the gallery has 38. I checked it out and see that its missing the last 6 pictures. ok, take care. Joe about 1 year ago
Ison13 : Annie's F'king amazing! Need more! about 1 year ago
Johnny : part ii, please! about 1 year ago
Sergio Berto : She is a very sexy girl....................Great Set.................... about 1 year ago
gummialta : This girl's pussy is on fire. I'd be a subscriber if she was the only girl on the site. about 1 year ago
JoeZ : Outstanding set. Way too few though for someone of Annie's caliber. Would love to have seen her standing on the swing, straddling it, upside down looking back, etc. The lighting was flawless. Some of your best... about 1 year ago
rollo : Very beautiful and sexy lady about 1 year ago