Carmen Rae Where There Is Smoke
added on Apr 10, 2019
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Maybe these porn stars, porn performers, adult entertainers, whatever you want to call them are actually cultural pioneers. Maybe it takes an army of stoned porn stars to show us that our culture is uptight, greedy, petty, and hypocritical. Carmen Rae doesn't give a shit what any of us do in front of a camera. One can be a whore in all walks of life.
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I have been off-site for a few months so, I'm catching up now. Carmen Rae, first stop, she's got it.
waydownsouth - 10 months ago
Small, pert breasts and tiny nipples. Yum.
DarthSync - 10 months ago
Oh the comments are intersting. To learn the language means also to learn something about the cultural/social tension. In my awareness (from the movies etc.) is in USA spilled blood much more common then nakedness. And in porn there is disturbing much of violency. p.e. bondage, talk of women as bitches. I love Zishy. Zach shows a respect for women, I rarely see elsewhere. I love pictures of selfensured women, especially if in the set is also one like #34 with pants down like #33. Having seen those makes my favorit #14 even more intense.
beowulf - 10 months ago
Oy vey! The goyim know! Shut down the comments
Banjax - 11 months ago
Nice snatch
Johnny Tees - 11 months ago
I seriously don't want to start anything, just some quick thoughts: Zishy is the kind site we don't want to have go away because of too many headaches from Zach's POV. Comments are good for Zach, good for us to see something maybe we missed (I didn't pay any attention to #40 until marceire's comment and now I'm "better" for seeing his/her comment), and they're good for the model to get feedback. And the obvious shit comments are just that. Zach, please consider warning the offenders of shit stirring -- whatever you do on your end of things -- and keep the site productive. Peace...
JoeZ - 11 months ago
Secular Jews were also heavily overrepresented among the population that fought to end Jim Crow, segregation, and establish voting rights, and the same cast of dumbasses were saying then that it was a plot to destroy "Western civilization". Anyway, this is a great set. Carmen is beautiful. Very nice light work, and I agree with Joe that the palm-frond shots are pleasing to the eye.
ro - 11 months ago
#33 is hot, #40 is art Zach
marceire - 11 months ago
Window-licking dipshits like Banjax are reason #653 why this site should just not have comments at all.
CaptainB-Fart - 11 months ago
Perfect body. Beyond the obvious awesomeness that is Carmen, I liked the first several through the palm leaves. Looks like a tiger's stripes.
JoeZ - 11 months ago
Those are not arguments. I have just stated the truth. Look it up
Banjax - 11 months ago
moopieb72 - 11 months ago
Perfect little breasts, and also Banjax is a bathtub fart of a human being. That is all.
rchangel - 11 months ago
Love small boobs!
Delta5 - 11 months ago
Banjax, stop being a fucking asshole.
rollo - 11 months ago
Secular Jews like yourself are the “cultural” pioneers when it comes to porn.
Banjax - 11 months ago
She’s beautiful
Borii - 11 months ago
She's cute
CaptainMog - 11 months ago