Helen Bergstrom Complicated Apes
added on Mar 23, 2019
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Helen Bergstrom is a charming and talented woman that loves animals. So much so that she shares her apartment with several pets, including a huge dog. Helen is a vocalist, a pianist, a guitarist and can even slay on the harp. Helen can shred on a skateboard. She could probably even drink you under the table. A justified showboater! I am still waiting to see what she can't do. Happy Saturday.
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Bonus Video Clip

Helen is really charming. I hope to see her again
Fafa94 - 3 months ago
A gorgeous woman who skates and is a musician? Sign me up! Hope we get to see more from her.
recessesofmymind - 3 months ago
I love when dumbasses think they're talking to the actual model ... xD
CaptainB-Fart - 3 months ago
What a sweet one she is
asphaltcowboy - 4 months ago
Winner, Winner! What a fabulous attitude! Often someone’s heart is what truly makes a person beautiful. Of course in your case, Helen, you have a terrific attitude, great heart and you are quite beautiful too. For a chick you seem to have giant balls but for a chick with balls, you have a terrific pussy too! It’d be fun to try us on to see how we fit. Do you ever play the “blues?” I love to play (guitar) and sing the blues. Also play some other instruments, like most musicians, maybe we could jam it up a little something.. . . Before dinner. Please let Mr. Zach take some more pictures of you. But the next time let’s have some more of your beautiful body in the movie. A little something for us to remember you by. Xs n Os
Dusty Roads - 4 months ago
She is fucking gorgeous!
Minjanohawk - 4 months ago
ASSmanJim - 4 months ago
Delicious set of legs!
maestro9 - 4 months ago
Love stockings, suspenders and hairy pussy, Thanks Zach
lonic123 - 4 months ago
moopieb72 - 4 months ago
Wow!!! I'm ready to "Set her Up". Apt., monthly allowance...etc. Gorgeous.
Wilk - 4 months ago
Great idea to focus on her hands in the video, they are amazing!
Sovereign - 4 months ago
Damn!! Helen is a beautiful and sexy girl! Hope to see more of her Zack..
Grumpy0308 - 4 months ago
Wow, so gorgeous. Marry me Helen. <3 :)
Ison13 - 4 months ago
Very beautiful and sexy lady. Please bring her back soon.
rollo - 4 months ago
ehh, gotta be honest, not your best stuff but that straight-on 'stolen moment' shot (#21) was great. much better than the more obvious #22. I even thought the headshots (#8, #19) were stronger than most others. She has an amazing body, and she's attractive; hopefully you shot a lot of her.
JoeZ - 4 months ago
i have made a comment am i special now
floomboo - 4 months ago